Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gray Hair

Is having a gray hair a sign of getting old? Does age really a big factor?  Well, I am 37 years old. Am I consider

old? I saw one gray on my hair. Actually, it does not bother me. I am just curious. What cause a gray hair?

Stress? Sleeping with a wet hair? Genetics? I will ask my Mom, if she had gray hair at a young age. I have to

search more about gray hair on the Internet. Am I the only in there mid-30's have a gray hair? Do not be afraid

to reveal your self ladies. I hope I can get answer from anybody.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Few days ago, I received coupons from Victoria's Secret. I love receiving their coupons. I can save some

money. It really helps a lot. I got the free underwear. If you purchase $50 worth of products, you will receive

$10 off from your total purchased. I love their products. I cannot wait to go to the store. I hope this weekend.

I am excited to see if they have new products. Summer is coming. I want to check their swimsuits.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sea Shells

When my son gets home from school. He handed me these sea shells. He said his friend Tyler gave it to him. 

There is no school for a week. Tyler's family went for a vacation. They went to Mexico. How wonderful is that? I 

really miss going to the beach. I do not see any beach here in NY only lakes. I like sea shells too. It is a great 

collectibles. A great way to put in your bathroom too. My sister-in-law has many sea shells in her bathroom. 

She has a lighthouse theme and it really adds beauty to her decoration. I wish it is  Summer now. 

Hoping we could visit the lakes too. It is wonderful to enjoy the nature beauty once in a while.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Little Girl Is Skating

Every time we skate on our pond, she is getting better. She is a quick learner and skating is one of 

them. Honestly she skates better than Mommy.  These kids have made as we have our own place to 

practice. Their daddy makes sure that the pond is clean and is ready for his family to have the fun. 

Despite there daddy's hectic schedule, he makes sure he has time to bond with his kids before going 

to work. I have a video I took when my little girl was skating few days ago.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hyundai Genesis

I live in New York and winter here is really cold. Every time I watch the climate channel on TV, sunny state has warm 

climate. Honestly I hope that climate in where I live is like that. Growing up in a tropical climate makes you missed it. I 

have a friend in Florida that lives near Palm Beach. She invited me and my kids to go to Florida and visit them. I just 

cannot wait to see her and meet her son. It is been awhile since I last see her. She told me that she needs a car to pick 

us up at the airport. I advise her to check  Florida Hyundai Genesis Dealer. They sell certified new and used vehicles.

They will work on your budget too. I know my friend can find the perfect vehicle she wants.

I am so excited that my friend picked hyundai genesis car. Definitely she made the right decision. The hyundai 

genesis car is perfect for her and her son. It also has a room for me and my kids.  I hope to step in Florida soon. I have 

seen it on TV, how beautiful there beaches are. I missed stepping on the white sand. My friend also need to 

buy hyundai genesis floor mats to protect her new car. She has a boy. Boys likes to gets dirty. Hyundai genesis floor mat 

is very durable. Price is also is affordable.

Sandwich Spread

My little girl goes to school in the afternoon. She eats lunch with her friends in school. She always 

has sandwich in her lunch box. We run out of bologna that day. Her favorite lunch meat to eat. I 

ask her, what else does she wants to eat. She said strawberry jelly instead. It was the last 

spread of strawberry jelly. Poor girl Mommy needs to go to the grocery store to buy her some. I 

am glad she has the fruit bowls, juice drink, carrots and crackers to put in her lunch box. I am glad 

that my little girl is not picky. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dinner is ready

When my husband work in the afternoon. He cannot join us for dinner. What I do is? I cook his 

dinner in the afternoon. He just bring it with him to work. It is easy on me too. I also prepare the 

kids and my dinner. I do not need to make dinner for the three of us for that night. This afternoon, 

I made chicken, shell pasta, corn and salad(not in the picture). My kids also love salad especially 

the egg. I am lucky because my kids love their vegetables too. The kids miss their daddy at night. 

They understand that daddy needs to go to work. He works almost midnight. When he gets home, 

the kids are both sleeping.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day Light Savings

Day light savings starts on Sunday. Do not forget to set your clock tonight. I  am

rewinding my friendship with my co-blogger. Leah and I have been friends since when were 

working at the restaurant in the Philippines.  We both are married and have families of our own 

now. We still communicate despite the distance we have. We are near but yet so far. She lives in 

Pennsylvania and I live in New York. Someday somehow I know our paths will meet again. I just 

cannot wait to see her and meet her family. Look how innocent we are in these photos. I am glad 

that I have this picture as it brings memories. Do not forget to set your clock  before you go to 


My Litty Froggy

My little girl likes to jump around. Santa Claus gave her this Princess Hopper. Perfect
for my little frog. She can hop around the house. She loves the hopper because it has the

Princess designs. She can hop with her Princess friends too. Every little girl wants to be
a Princess. My little girl is one of them. The hopper works still. It has been three months
since Santa gave it to her. The hopper is so durable. Sometimes her big brother plays it
too. She has many toys. This one is one of her favorite. I wonder how longs this
hopper will last. So far so good. Let us keep our fingers crossed for that.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Closet make over

Spring is a week or so away. It's time of the year again to clean my closet. Honestly, I need a closet makes over. I  am looking for a designer items. Every woman likes designer clothes. I know a website where to buy designer clothes like bcbg . I cannot wait to check there website. I am looking to buy a flirty feminine dresses. A cute tops, stylish separates  to pair with my shorts, Capri and pants. I need a cardigan jacket too. I need also a swimsuit for the Summer. The website has a sale on handbags too. They are perfect for my dresses. 

I also need shoes. Not only regular shoes but designer shoes like bcbg shoes. I need loafers, flats, sandals, pumps and high heels. You just cannot live with one shoes alone.

Designer clothes like bcbg makes a great deal. You pay what you get for. Their products last and they are durable. Nothing beats the quality of their items. I bet I can fill up my closet with all  their designer clothes and other stuff. Please check there website. You do not need to go to the mall to go shopping. Especially gas prices nowadays is extremely high. It saves you money by buying from there website. I guarantee you will enjoy your designer items from bcbg when they arrived in the mail.

Daddy and daughter bonding

          A moment likes this seldom occurs. My husband wants to check the store for a dresser 
or a book case combination. We needed it so bad as the kids paper works from school 
is overwhelming. I know that Mommy likes me that has kids know what I am talking 
about. He wants to bring his daughter with him. Mommy and son stay at home. We 
cannot go because my son is not feeling well. It was raining that day. They both bring 
umbrellas with them. My little girl looks so cute with her Princess umbrella. Daddy and 
daughter were gone for two hours or so. When they got home, daddy said he did not find 
any thing he wants. He instead call the Amish. Tell him what he wants and ask for 
estimate. He is very picky in terms of household items. He wants the best and willing to 
pay more. You get what you pay for. Daddy ending buying her daughter a 
strawberry shortcake toy. Daddy always spoiled her Princess with toys as usual. It is a 
remote car. Strawberry shortcake can sit and pretend she is driving. It makes a cool 
music too.span>

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Labels and Overlays

There is a small commercial business in our neighborhood. I am wondering if he use  custom labels for his machine products. My husband often go in that place to rent a machine but I never see a custom label for that commercial business. I think the owner needs a custom labels to make his business knew not just in the neighborhood but  perhaps in the city too. I will give my husband this website next time he return the machine. He can share it to the owner to create a custom labels for his business. The owner knows my husband. I know that he will not be disappointed when he check the website.

I am watching TV and noticed that there is no graphic overlays  on the remote. It is probably ruined by my kids. Now I cannot catch up on my favorite show on TV. I cannot even call the TV company because I cannot read what is on the remote. I need to take the remote back. I make sure that there is a clear graphic overlays on the new remote. I will talk to the receptionist about the website and their company should order graphic overlays for there remotes.

I recommend this website to everybody especially if you have the commercial and industrial business. I know some friends too that are connected with military. A great website to make your own military application labels. Make us more proud of them for fighting for our country.

Camping needs

My family never experience camping before. We always plan for it but never happen.

Now that the kids are eight and four years old, this is the best time to do camping. Grandma and Grandpa

has a camp ground in the Southern Tier. I know that mom and dad will open their camp

in the Spring time. We need to buy a new camping grill when we go down at the camp,

because the ones they have is old and needs to be replace. Dad and my husband likes

to grill a lot. I know we will enjoy our first time camping if we have a new camping grill

to use. There is a fire pit at grandma and grandpa's camp in the backyard. What is missing is the

tiki torches. The kids will have the  fun to warm their marshmallows because of the

brightness of the tiki torches brings. They can stay longer outside too and enjoy the

environment. Now I know what website to buy camping grill, tiki torches and other camping

needs. I hope to have a memorable family camping experience this Summer.

Bed Rail

My little girl sleeps on her big bed by herself. She moves a lot when she is sleeping that

Mommy wants to protect her Princess from not falling off the bed.  She had a bed rail

before but daddy throw it in the garbage. He thought that she will not need it

anymore. One time, my little girl, told Mommy that her back hurts. I asked her why and

she said she fell off the bed. I told my husband about it. He said that he will buy her a

bed rail and he did. He loves his Princess very much and he wants her to be safety all

the time. The bed rail is so perfect on her bed. This is easy to install too. You do not

need any tools at all. My Princess is so happy and she enjoys sleeping on her bed more.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Playing basketball is one of my son's favorite thing to do. Now, that spring is coming, I am excited to see him and his daddy to practice outside on our driveway. Actually, playing basketball is our bonding time as a family. My son is lucky that he is tall. My dad is a member of a basketball league and no one in our family inherits it. I wish that my son will gets a scholarship when he enrolls in college. We will definitely buy our tickets every game he is playing.

The ticketamerica.com can get tickets to these events like college basketball theme. My friend lives in Pittsburgh and she is an avid fan of basketball. She heard that her college team is playing in the area. She called me if I know a place where to purchase an affordable ticket. I advise her to check the website ticketamerica.com to find a lower price of tickets and the best seat ever.

The ticketamerica.com can get tickets to these events like college basketball theme. If you leave around Alabama, Georgia and looking for a cheap ticket for your college basketball theme. You can visit this wonderful website ticketamerica.com and see for yourself how cheap there tickets are.

The ticketamerica.com can get tickets to these events like basketball college theme. My mother- in-law's friends, Ms. Joyce lives in Austin Texas. Her son's school is sponsoring the college basketball theme. She called my mom if Jessie knows a website where to find a cheapest tickets. My mom called me I told her to write this website ticketamerica.com and give it to her friend.

The ticketamerica.com can get tickets to these events like college basketball theme. My friend lives in Carolina, who is also a big fan basketball. Their college basketball theme is schedule to play tonight. He wants to buy a ticket. I am glad he called me and ask me if I know a website where to buy a ticket. I told him to check this website ticketamerica.com . He called me back and thank me because he saved a lot of money.

The ticketamerica.com can get tickets to these events like college basketball theme.  My friend lives in Washington,  they are planning to have a couple date and they want to spend it together watching a basketball for a change. She leaves me a message in my phone, if I know a website that sells cheap tickets. I called her back and tell her the website ticketamerica.com where to sell a cheap ticket for their college basketball theme. The ticketamerica.com not only sells college basketball theme but most of the sports like hockey, football and other sports game. They also sell events tickets like concert. I am glad that I know this website ticketamerica.com and shows me where to get cheap tickets and find a best deal in town. Everybody should check this wonderful website.

Run out of Rice

I am run out of rice. This is not good. As a Filipino, rice is very important to our every meal. Do not ask 
me why? I cannot survive without it, funny but it's true. I went to the grocery and bought 
20 pounds of rice. They have a sale in one of the brand.  It is not as good as the leading 
brand but since it is rice, it doesn't matter to me. I just washed the rice many times 
I plugged my rice cooker and waited few minutes until I heard a beep and 
it means my rice is done. I was eating, and hubby is approaching towards the living 
room. He said that one of his co-workers  has a clogged artery because of eating 
white rice, very interesting. How true is that? The doctor advised him that he 
should eat brown rice instead of white. I wonder if brown rice costs less than white 
rice. My hubby said that I should have my blood check, maybe my cholesterol 
level is high because of eating white rice.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dr. Seuss

My little girl is in Pre-K, that week in school they have a theme about Dr. Seuss. She

loves Dr. Seuss books though she can only read little words. Dr. Seuss has many

colorful and interesting books especially for her age. She is excited to go to school everyday. Hope her enthusiasm will not change. She only goes in

the afternoon. Even for a couple of hours, she had the fun and do a lot of cool stuff in

school. My bin is almost full of her paperworks from school. She brings projects when

she gets home almost everyday. Can you imagine how long will takes my bin to fill-up?

Every Friday is there like a fun Friday. She made a Dr. Seuss hat and bow. I took a

picture of her. She also wants me to take a picture of her cat. Silly girl I have.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I need your prayers

My mom is scheduled for another eye operation. I hope that her Phil health 
insurance will get through not like the last surgery. She had a cataract removed last time 
and this time it is her other eye. I am wondering what can cause a cataract. How can you 
protect your eyes from not having it. I am not sure how I can help her. I wish I am rich 
so funds is not a problem but unfortunately I am just an ordinary person. I am so thankful for my hubby that he is been there for me not only with our family 
but with my mom too. I am asking all my friends to please send prayers  for my mom, 
that her surgery will be a successful one and she recovers fast. I will do appreciated 
all your prayers. I know GOD will find a way. I trust in HIM with all my heart.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grandparents visit

Grandma and Grandpa came over yesterday to see their grandchildren. How sweet of

them to spend there time with our kids. They lived 20 minutes drives from us. Of all

there kids, my family is the farthest. Their girls lived few miles away. It is always

happy to see both of them all the time. My kids are lucky that they have their grandparents lived closely. They have another grandma but she lives half way around

the world and I hope they can see her very soon. I loved my parents- in-laws. They are both

kind and spoiled there grandkids all the time. My son is not feeling well, so he just

stayed in his room usually. While my little girl is active usually.

Mommy turned on the TV and plug the karaoke so they heard her singing. She sings

PEARLY SHELLS and was so proud that she got 75 in score, not bad huh. I can tell

that both grandma and grandpa were so happy and proud of their granddaughter.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Walking Dead Comic

Guest post wrote by Joe McClain

I am pretty sure that until now I had not read a comic since I was 12 or 13. I got really into sports around that time and that kind of took up most of my time then. But I surprised myself the other day when I decided to order The Walking Dead comics because I enjoy the show so much.

I did not catch the zombie drama when it was on for the first time on AMC starting on Halloween, but instead I caught a marathon of it over a few nights about a week or so ago. I randomly started watching and just got lucky by starting during the first episode. I was definitely hooked. I went online to comics and when I was doing that I came across a CLEAR WIRELESS INTERNET online offer that sounded so great that I decided to sign up  while I had the chance.

I have not gotten any of the comics yet, but I am pretty excited to see how they compare to the show and if the marital drama in the show happens in them too.

Free Child Ticket

Who has a son that doesn't loves Lego? It is a great toy, game where they can build 
and so creative where their imaginations are unlimited. They come with different styles 
and designs. Every month I received this Lego Club Magazine. My son likes to read 
and check what is new with Lego. It is a colorful magazine with many cool stuff. Inside the magazine is a coupon/ticket for one child with paid adult ticket. This will expires 
on May 31,2011. This is good to any three locations, California, Chicago and Texas. I wish 
we have the one here in New York and I know my kids will have the fun.

Photo Prints

Do you like to take pictures like me? I have the two kids and can you imagine how many shots I

make? Thanks for the digital camera and I can pick and delete which pose I like. Are you looking to 

a place where you print your pictures? Yesterday, I got my prints in the mail. It come from Asia. 

There are 100 photos inside and I paid $5.99 all together. I use coupon that is why the price is 

so cheap because I only paid the postage. Mind you it is an international shipping. It will takes 7-10

days to arrive. You should check there website if you want to sign up.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Orders Are Here

It came in yesterday's mail. I am talking about the products I bought online. I was searching online 

for a facial products that I use on my face and was happy to find a store that sells my needs. It is 

a store that sells Filipino products and some other delicacies. I bought beauty products and 

medicinal oil for my friend. I missed using these cleansers while I was in the Philippines. It has 

an avocado flavor which I loved. I cannot wait to try them as my other facial cleanser is almost 

gone. I hope I will not get any reaction as it is been a very long time since I last used the 

product. The store shipped my items fast and it was packaged very well. I give that stores a five 

stars. How I wish it was not in another state but oh well, now I know where to buy stuff I want. 

This is part of being a Filipino that it's not easy. It takes time to adjust in everything and as well 

as certain products, that is why LIFE is so precious. I am one happy costumer.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Student Of The Month

Today is the award ceremony for all the student of the month. I am so proud, being a

mom, that my son is choose. Their teachers picked a special student that deserves the

award. Luckily in there class, it was him. He has been receiving the award since First

Grade. They go with theme, last months theme is RESPONSIBLE.

Here is a little poem about RESPONSIBILITY

When something needs to be done, I do it,
          I am responsible.
    If I make a mistake, I own up to it.
           I am responsible.

And when I talk my talk, I walk my walk.
And when I give my word, I keep my word.
That is the way I am responsible, that is the way I am true-
        Not just to you, but to myself too.

I do not make excuses, complain, or blame
           I am responsible.

And when I talky my talk, I walk my walk.
And when I give my word, I keep my word.
That is the way I am responsible, that is the way I am true-
         Not just to you, but to myself too.

When I am responsible, I get more freedom, more choice.
   When I am responsible, then people listen to my voice.
They do not have to worry about me, they can count on me.
    Not just to you, but to myself too.

         I treat my life as a precious gift,
                    I am responsible.
       I follow my dreams, I do not go adrift.
                    I am responsible.

My son doesn't know that he will get an award with the rest of the students today. We

are going to go to his school. I have a little gift for him. I bought him a Lego watch as a

gift for him for being good in school.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Car Repair

Driving is very vital if you live in America especially if you live in big cities like Los

Angeles. My cousin just moved in the city and she is looking for

Los Angeles auto repair  for her vehicle. She has to make sure her car functions well as

she explores the city and learn more about it.

My hubby bought me a Honda Civic on our 8th year wedding anniversary. How sweet

of him and it's about time to pamper his wife for all those years. I like driving my car as

it is very easy and comfortable to drive. I also love the color. My kids can sit on the

back and relax as their Mommy is driving. There are also cool gadget in the interior of

the car. I like the sound of it when I beep the horn every time I live the house to pick

up or drop my little girl, go to the grocery, church, mall or anywhere.

Cars are like a person, even we take good care of it, still one way or another we have to

repair something. The parts of the head gasket  is not hard to fix with the best auto

repair shop.

Our Tickets Are Here

One of America's ultimate sports are hockey and football. I live in a small city, and

hockey is so famous. Our family loves watching hockey and playing hockey at the pond since water turned to

ice. My hubby promise us that one day, all of us will watch hockey live. I check there websites

and they have a deal for a family of four. I told my hubby about it. He said we will go see the hockey. I

ordered the tickets and so happy that it came in today's mail. We were all very excited as the show is a

couple of weeks from now. The price of the ticket is cheap too, we saved a lot and it comes with free

hot dogs, drinks, popcorns plus free parking fee. How about that. You will never see a bargain like that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Income Tax Refund

As you all know leaving in America if you have a work, you have to pay tax to the government and you will 
get a refund for the following year. You can also claim a refund from many sources like from your stocks, 
from appliances or renovation you did in your house, also from charity, mortgage and so many other things. 
We received our Federal first and I hope the State will follow. It is not as big as couple years ago because 
my hubby only claim himself, now he claimed four and he takes home bigger. My hubby will helped me 
apply for a US passport so as my son as his is expired already. Then I will apply for a dual citizenship for the 
three of us, myself and my two kids so we will be Filipino citizens again. For the future, if they want to go to the 
Philippines and they are legal to live and work there. Who knows only GOD will guide them. Wishing 
everybody will get there refunds soon.