Monday, October 31, 2011


Written by my friend Dong Wood

I hate to work out just as much as the next person, yes, but I have an inherent hate for Jillian Michaels. And when I say “hate”, I mean “love-hate”. Every morning, I wake up, grab some coffee while I check email, and balance my checkbook. This morning, I did a little extra work – researched some texas electricity providers for better rates, and spent a few minutes on Pinterest. Then, I make the dreaded walk from the office to my closet to put on my dreaded sports bra and shorts and pop in that dreaded DVD with Jillian and her dreaded abs. I honestly don’t think I could hate or love her more. Her with her motivating voice and her perfect biceps. Her tight shorts and her bouncy ponytail. I fight it right down to the last pull of my shoelace, but always give in. And, Lord, do I always feel better afterwards. But, it’s the witching hour of cardio and abs that really kills me. This torture better pay off come swimsuit season.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hottest New Small Cars for 2012

I always love small cars. I think they are cute while driving on the road. Small cars also save you money in gas. I do not think I will have my wish. I need a big car because I have my two kids with me most of the time. Are you thinking of buying one? You should check out the lists here before purchasing a new car.

Volkswagen Beetle

Fiat 500

Chevrolet Sonic

Hyundai Veloster

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Atlantic luggage makes travel fun to Legoland Florida

This post brought to you by Atlantic Luggage. All opinions are 100% mine.


LegoLand® Florida Vacation Giveaway from Atlantic®
Do your kids love to play Lego? It is very fun watching our kids play their wildest imagination with Lego. My kids love to play Lego. Have you ever been to Florida? My family never had been in Florida. My kids eldest sister lives their. It would be great to see her and meet her family.
Do you know that Legoland Florida open a new theme park? Do you know that there is an ongoing contest with Atlantic luggage and Legoland sweepstakes?  It is easy to join the sweepstake. Join now for your chance to win a trip to Legoland Florida. This is your big chance to travel and visit Legoland. This is a perfect place to bring your family for a vacation. Kids age two to 12 years old are very much welcome. There are 50 fun and family rides. 
I know traveling with family is a hectic especially preparing for their luggage. What makes this travel fun is? LegoLand® Florida Vacation Giveaway from Atlantic®  Atlantic luggage is light weight to carry. They have beautiful designs for every member of the family. Atlantic luggage will save your family from baggage fees. Do not forget to join the sweepstake for your chance to win the grand prize which is a trip to Legoland in Florida. Do not forget to share the sweepstakes to your friends too. They also will have their chance to travel with your family in Legoland. I wish you and your family a wonderful time in Legoland Florida. Please do not forget to send us postcard.

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Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Tony Romo’s wife is pregnant

Who loves to watch football here? I know I do. Football is one of my favorite American�s sport. What about you.

I think Tony Romo is a hottie. I like him. I still cheer for our favorite football team. I am happy that his wife is pregnant. It will add addition to their football family if he is a boy. I wish both of them luck.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where to stay while traveling and doing business

I have never been in Chicago. One of my friends live close to Chicago. She has been inviting us to visit Chicago and stay in their place. I know I want to go in Chicago. I do not want to stay in their house. I have the two kids and wants privacy for my family. Chicago travel blog will help me and my family enjoys Chicago and finds a perfect place to stay while enjoying the city.

I love to travel and been only to San Francisco airport for a lay over while waiting at my international flight. San Francisco is my first destination when I stepped in America. I wish I could visit and explore the city. I love to visit The Golden Gate. Thank you to San Francisco blog. It gives me important ideas and places to explore while in San Francisco. I love to read a lot and I know that I can save money too from reading the journal about San Francisco.

Do you have plans about business? Do you want to do it by yourself or maybe a group of your friends? Is New Jersey your target place to start your business? You should read New Jersey marketing blog to learn about the city and its business. New Jersey is beautiful states in America. I live in New York yet New Jersey is still far. I want to explore the city too. One of my Aunt lives there and hope someday we could meet in New Jersey.

Are you a traveler? Perhaps want to explore the business? You should check out this informative Websites for you to learn and enjoy your travel the most.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Buffalo Sabres hockey won 3-0 against Florida Panthers

We are happy that our hockey team, Buffalo Sabres won tonight. They scored 3-0 against Florida Panthers. It is exciting to watch them when they play. They play out-of-town today. This was their second time to win this week. I hope they keep their standing good. Do you like hockey? Who is your favorite team? My family is a hockey fan. We are noisy and cheers for our team. The kids are in hurry to finish their home work because they want to watch the hockey game. My kids can both ice skating. They are both better than their Mommy. Thanks to their Daddy for never quit teaching them how to play ice skating by our pond.

Men’s parkas coat the best winter outdoor clothing to wear

I know it is still fall but it feels winter. It has been very cold lately. My husband said that we will get a cold winter. He heard it from the meteorologist. I guess you can expect because we live near the lakes.

My husband loves winter. It does not matter if it is freezing outside. He always find something to do. He gets bored if not doing anything. Our winter here in New Year is very unpredictable. You have to prepare yourself for the worst season.

Thankfully he wears men’s parkas coat to protect himself. What I love about the coat is? It is very warm to wear. It surely keeps your body warm. He always snow plow our driveway to keep our kids safe from school. The coat is not light and not heavy to wear. When he gets warm after snow plowing, his body still in good shape as the coat is comfortable to wear.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Buffalo Bills lost the football

Our team, the Buffalo Bills, lost the game yesterday. It was very nerve bricking to watch the football. Our family loves sport, and football is one of our favorites. You should hear our kids cheer when our team got a touch down. Yesterday they lost, it was sad but games are like that, a winner and a loser. Unfortunately we are in the loser side. Does your family like to watch football? Who is your favorite team?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Susan Boyle version of Unchained Melody

I watched her perform in the Dancing wit the star tonight. She sang Unchained Melody and what can I say, breath taking. Oh GOD I lover her voice. It is so pleasing to hear her songs. I will definitely buy her album next month. Good luck to her. I am happy that she fulfilled her dreams. What a down to earth woman too. GOD bless her more with wonderful blessings. Do you like her? Is her voice so wonderful? She has a voice likes an angel. I like her.

How to pass your driving written test

I took my driver’s learning test just once and passed the written test. It is the first important step to take before you can practice driving a vehicle. Once you passed your written test, the DMV will give you a temporary receipt before your learner’s permit will come in the mail. It is usually ten business days after you passed your written test.

Luckily for me, I took my driving written test once. Some people have a hard time passing the driving written test. This Website will help you pass your dmv driving practice test. They cover the entire 51 States. They help you pass your driving written test. Their guide is the best. I am sure that you will pass your driving written test in no time. The sheet included everything you want to learn from the real driving written test. You can check the Website for more information. The price is very affordable. I am sure that you will get your learner’s permit and pass your road test because of the help from this Website. What are you waiting at? You can call the Website too. They guarantee you that in ten minutes you will pass your driving written test. Good luck and see you on the road. Be safe driving and I know you can do it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Buffalo Sabres won the first hockey game

Our team Buffalo Sabres is in Europe. They had their first game against Anaheim Ducks yesterday. The score was 4-1, our team won. My family is a big hockey fan. Do you love sports? What team is your favorite?

The Husband's Favorite

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of T.G.I. FRiDAY'S for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The first time we dropped by at T.G.I. FRiDAY"S, the husband always wants to go there to buy their products.  It was like an addiction to him because he always look for the the taste of their products.  Since then the husband's favorite is the  Creamy Chicken Pasta Carbonara.  This yummy treat from T.G.I FRiDAY'S indeed captivated the taste buds of the husband. 

Entrées For One

The restaurant is launching tastier frozen foods for every body to enjoy especially guys who loves to watch games on Friday night.  Their T.G.I. FRiDAY’S “EntrĂ©es for One” is one big surprise to the husband  and he is very much excited to try these new line of tasty foods from T.G.I. FRiDAY'S restaurants.  These newly introduced selections are for guys to eat since they are not into cooking that much.  These flavorful frozen foods easy to prepare for guys to have a quick meal.  Nothing more you could you ask for, for this foods are pretty good.  It comes in various new tasty flavors like Sizzling Steak Fajitas, Cajun-Style Chicken Alfredo, Sizzling Chicken Fajitas, Creamy Chicken Pasta Cabonara, Prime Rib Stroganoff and more. 

Here's more, they will be having Fun Freezer contest which voting will start soon.  The most decorated freezer will grab the fabulous prizes.  So, decorate your home freezer now and have the chance to grab any of the cool prizes.


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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple founder Steve Jobs will be miss

I am not familiar with Steve Jobs but knows a little info about him. I guess I am not into gadgets that is why I do not learn more about him. I know he is the founder of Apple, Ipad and Iphone. I am happy if I see people with powerful gadgets. All I say is, how I wish I have money. I still wants an Ipad by myself.
I am not familiar with Steve Jobs but knows a little info about him. I guess I am not into gadgets that is why I do not learn more about him. I know he is the founder of Apple, Ipad and Iphone. I am happy if I see people with powerful gadgets. All I say is, how I wish I have money. I still wants an Ipad by myself.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amanda Know is not guilty of murder

I watch the verdict yesterday on the news. I am glad that Amanda Knox pleaded not guilty of murdering her Italian room mate. She is not free and can fly back home to America. She has been in prison for three years behind bars. I am very happy for her family that finally she can now enjoy her freedom.