Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to manage your car business

I took up class management back in college. It is an interesting subject to learn. I do like learning many management stuff to help me build a career after graduating college. I am glad that I had a higher grade back in college with this subject.

 photo carsA.jpg
How about you? Do you plan to own a car business? Do you want to learn how to manage your car business? Do you want to learn the basic and important techniques especially how to deal with customers? The automotive management network is here for you to help. It is free to join. You will learn forums like auto repair shop management. You can ask questions from all the members to help you start your own car business.

 photo cars.jpg
This program is really helpful for you to success in your car business. They also offer premium to members that want to do their best in their car business. I learn that some of my journal friend’s husband works in a car. Some of them are mechanics. My husband is not a mechanic but I bet learning tips from this network is a must for him.

It is still summer by now but soon the cold season is here. Their might many vehicle repairs in your business. Learning how to take care of every customer happy or crappy is very important. You will learn everything from this network. I hope that you can join it too.  You have nothing to lose but gain tips that you can apply to succeed in your car business.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meeting a friend and her family

Finally I met Mommy N and her family couple weeks ago. I knew Mommy N from a group in Facebook. I noticed that she lives from the place where my in-laws have a camp site. I like her instantly. C her son is so cute. He is shy at first and warm up. Mr.  J her husband is a nice man. I hope to see them again.

 photo meetinganonlinefriend.jpg
We finally had a chance to meet when her family attended a graduation party in my city. We are driving from Rochester that day too. I am glad that she waits for me and my little K before driving back to their house. It was a short meeting but am glad and happy that we finally met.

How I wish that we have more time next time. I would love them to invite our house. My kids and her kid can play together. They can go swimming, fishing and just having fun. I want to say it was a pleasure meeting you Mommy N and your family.

I took four pictures but this picture only turn out good. I am still happy about it that we have a picture. Thank you to her husband for taking the picture.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Modern Coffee

If you are still brewing coffee by the pot with an electric drip coffee maker or some other format you are probably wasting time and money and not even drinking coffee that tastes all that great. The modern way to make coffee is with an on demand brewing system such as the Keurig® brand B70 Platinum single serve coffee maker. Keurig® single cup coffee makers are available at any popular online store like Target, Amazon, Macy’s and others for quite reasonable prices. I found this one at for only $179.99:

 photo image.jpg
On demand brewers have revolutionized the way coffee is made at home and at work because they are so fast and easy to use and the coffee is consistently good. Even better, it costs just pennies per cup to make a great cup of regular or decaffeinated coffee.
On demand brewing systems brew one cup of coffee at a time in one minute or less. This makes sense because you drink coffee by the cup, not by the pot, and it eliminates waste because you brew only what you need. There’s no coffee pot or thermal carafe to clean because the coffee brews directly into your cup, mug or glass and the coffee is fresh, hot and flavorful because it never sits on a warming plate where it can get scorched or stale.
On demand brewing systems use pre-measured individually sealed coffee or tea pods; there are many different formats including t-discs, capsules and K-Cups®. When selecting an on demand brewer it is important to go with a unit that accepts a popular coffee pod format so that you are assured of a steady and reliable supply. Not every coffee pod format is compatible with every make and model of single serve brewer so do the research before you buy to make sure you are getting a unit that will be useful for years to come .

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I won this very cool shoes

I love to join giveaway, are you? There is a little chance that you could win especially if the prize is this very cool shoe like this. I joined one of my journal friend’s giveaways and luckily I won this amazing shoes.  I want to say thank you very much for Mommy N for hosting this giveaway. I really love my new shoes.

 photo ThankyouZipzshoes.jpg
The shoes delivered quickly too though it came from San Francisco. The shipping is really fast. They wrap your shoes with care as well. It also came with extra top design of the shoes which are very feminine and cute. I really love it. I can change the top cover which is amazing. I post a picture in my Facebook to let Mommy N that I did receive the prize from the giveaway that I joined. My niece saw this shoes and she wish she can have it too. I felt badly that I cannot give and send her this shoe. I really love this shoes.

 photo ThankyouZipzshoesA.jpg
I will try to pitch the shoes company. I hope that I will get luck. Please wish me luck. How about you? Do you like to join a giveaway? If you have not, you should try it and you never know you might win, right?