Monday, November 26, 2012

My advance birthday $10 gift card from Victoria’s Secret

I received a $10 gift card from Victoria’s Secret from the mail last week.  I want to say thank you to Victoria’s Secret for my advance birthday gift card. I am an ANGEL that is what they call if you are a member of Victoria’s Secret. Every month of your birthday, they send you a $10 gift card which is a helpful to my shopping.

What did I buy with my $10 gift card from Victoria’s Secret? There are promos from their Website. Today only you will receive two SECRET REWARD CARDS if you use the coupon code MONDAY at the check out. Usually SECRET REWARD CARDS are $10 al least. This is if you purchase $10 in your shopping cart. I buy a ruche scoop neck sweater that cost $39.50 but it is sale for $29.50. It comes with a free scarf which cost $18 but if you use the coupon code SCARF at the check out. My total cost is $27.95 which includes shipping and tax. I am still very happy because I will receive two SECRET REWARD CARDS and free scarf.

I cannot wait to receive my orders. I will use the two SECRET REWARD CARDS on my next purchase.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Where to buy coins for your collection or investment?

People have many collections or investments in life. It is the things we love to collect that makes us an individual unique or creative from others. There are people who love to collect currencies from other countries. I see how beautiful it is place inside the photo album. There are people loves to collect stamps from all over the world. I used to collect stamps when I was a teen-ager from my friends all over the world. I do not know where my stamps album is. There are people likes to collect postcards. I love to collect it too. Whatever your collection is? It makes you happy and that matters, right?  

When my daughter and I had our Philippines vacation couple months ago, I bring some coins and currency with me to teach her about Philippine money and currency. I am glad that it is not hard for her to learn about Peso currency. Now she learns dollar and peso currency. She also learns about Canadian coins as well. Do you teach your kids about different currency as well?

Do you like to collect coins on invest them? Are you looking for affordable and unique coins for you to collect or invest? Why not check out the Great Southern Coins?  You can buy different coins like gold, silver or platinum from this Website at very affordable prices. You can also buy coins to invest. You could also exchange coins to your coin group.  They accept all major payments like PayPal, Master Cards, Visa, American Express or Discovery. I am sure that it gives you security that your cards are also protected.  This Website also sells Canadian coins as well. It is perfect for your Maple coin collections. This Website also will help you about auctions as well. I never went to an auction before and am sure it is more fun for your coin collections. Whatever coin you collect or invest, you come to the perfect Website. I hope that you will have the fun searching on the Website for your perfect coin collection or plan to invest. You can also call their toll numbers or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus to learn more updates and perhaps help you to save money and learn tips about your coin collection or investment.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Chuck Taylor All Star Converse sneakers

I see a Converse shoes update in one of my Mom friends’ journal. I thought I will check the Converse website just for fun. I check their sales first. I always check the sale or clearance every time I shop.  I check their sale for women.
I found this Chuck Taylor All Star for $39.99. The original prize is $50.00. I check my favorite coupon code website if they have a coupon code for Converse store. I am happy that there is a 20% coupon code when you apply in the check out.

I search the size. I am glad that there is a size 7 or size 5 for me. The only colors left are the purple and orange. I pick orange or nectarine in color. I used the coupon code at the check out. I paid $24.49 plus shipping and taxes which come to the total of $31.90. I am very happy that I buy myself a pair of Converse shoes. This is my second shoe shopping for myself through my journal income. The first time I bought shoes for myself is a sketcher which I am using now.

I remember my Dad has a Converse shows when he was still alive. He has the white color. This Converse shoe is very soft. I really like it. I am very happy for myself. I seldom treat myself. It is always for my kids or sometimes for my husband.

What about you? Are you planning to buy shoes? Why not check out The shoes are still on sale now. Do not forget to check out the for coupon. Savings are awesome and at the same time you enjoy your shopping.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meet my new car “Chevy Malibu 2013”

My red Honda car’s lease is due within six months. My husband wants to trade it for a new car. He said that the tires need to replace. It will cost him more money to replace the four tires on my Honda car. He did went to the car dealership and ask for advises on what to do with my Honda red car. The guy said that it is better to wait next year and pay off the lease. By that time, maybe we will get the best deal for a new car. The guy talked over the phone with my husband without checking the car first. He thought that we can lease for a new car and trade our Honda. Unfortunately, when my husband went to the car dealership, the trade did not happen.

Photobucket My husband told me that we cannot get a new car. We have to finish our payments next year. Surprisingly, the guy called from the car dealership. I am sure that he talks to the manager and give us a go signal to trade our Honda for a new car.

Photobucket This is my new car Chevy Malibu 213. My husband asks me what color I want. I said I want blue or yellow. He found a blue color. I love the color. It is almost look like violet from far. I did drive my new Chevy Malibu 213 car. I am a bit scared driving my new baby because the features are a lot different from my Honda. The Chevy Malibu 2013 is lot quieter than the Honda Civic. The front mirror has the clock and temperature. The lights will turn on automatically. This is perfect to drive at night. There is a cup holder at the backseat. It is the perfect place for the kids drink. It has better gas mileage than Honda Civic.

Photobucket I love my new baby. I hope that we can keep her clean. The husband bought a new booster seat for his little girl. We also bought some carpets for it. Winters is coming and have to protect the rugs from the snow. By the way, our payment is $20 more compared to our Honda Civic. I guess it does not matter.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Why do we need auto insurance when driving?

I do not drive when I was living in the Philippines. There are many public vehicles that I can hire when I go somewhere. America is different. Driving is very important when you live here in America. There is a bus pick up but yet it is still far from where I live. Riding a public bus is very uncomfortable especially I have the two kids with me. I am glad that finally I got my driving license two years ago.

Driving with my kids are fun at the same time scary Why is it scary? It is because you never know if you meet crazy drivers are not paying attention while driving. Some drivers are talking to their cell phone while driving. Some drivers are over speeding that driving behind him/her is scary. I am glad that I always pray for God for guidance while I am driving especially if my kids are with me. I also have the car insurance while driving for my protection. What about you? Are you still looking for affordable car insurance? Have you check it the IFA Auto Insurance? The rates are very affordable. I am sure that you can afford it too. Please check out the Website or call an agent for more information. Please be careful driving and drive with insurance with you. distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
Presented By IFA Auto Insurance

This journal has increase its page rank

I want to say thank you to Mr. G for increasing the page rank of this journal. This is my very first journal when I started writing. It took me awhile to finally how to attract advertiser of this journal. I want to say thank you for the “friend” who helped me. I do appreciate it.

I have written ten more journals but this one is always be my baby. I know it is not very easy updating each journal that I write I have to make sure that I do update this and the rest of my journal. Recently, this journal is bless with an increase of page rank. I cannot believe at first. I cannot believe what I see. I am thankful to GOD for giving me wisdom on what to update with this journal. I hope that I can continue writing updates in this journal so as the rest of my journal.

I know I lose some page rank on my other journals but I did gain in this journal. I am one very happy person indeed. I know that GOD will answer your prayers. This one is an expected blessing indeed.  I want to say thank you again to Mr. G for being so merciful.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where to ask help with your debts in Canada

Growing up in the Philippines, I do not use credit card or any debts at all. I always pay cash in every transaction I have. Now that I live in America, I still use cash or debit cards to pay with my purchase. I also have credit cards from my favorite store. 

A credit card is very important while you know how to use it. Shopping is one easy way to use our credit cards. Everything you can use your credit card in a blink of your eyes.  Are you living in Canada? Are you buried of your debts? Do you need a debt help to help you consolidate your payments? Shelia Cockburn and other lawyers will help you how to pay off your debts. You can check the Website to check the recent settlements they help. Why not give her a call, and her lawyer associates to get the help you needed it most. I am sure that you want to live a debt free for possible. You are not the only who is in this situation. Help is your way by calling this Website and try their service. It works for other and am sure it will work for you.