Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How baby sling will keep you closer to your baby

I was 29 years old when I had my first baby. How I wish that I have a Babysling like this. I am sure that it will keep me moving while carrying my son. There are times that he is so fussy that I cannot take a break. He needs a cuddle all the time. The husband is working and I do not have any help with me. Do you feel the same way when you had your first baby?

Nowadays,  first time Moms or pregnant Moms are lucky. They can now enjoy their baby with many advance baby accessories that they can use to bond with their baby. You can read some interesting facts about baby sling here. You can bring your baby wherever you are.  You also can do anything with your free hands while the baby is snuggling close to you. Babies need that warmth and only baby accessories like this is what you need.

They carry any age and weight from preemie born below six (6) pounds to 44 pounds.  Are you looking one for yourself? Why not check out this Website? They have baby accessories both for your baby girl or boy and sell different kinds and brands that will help you pick the perfect baby accessories with you. The Website also offers a free gift when you buy $75. Spring is almost here. You need to get out and exercise while carrying your baby with you.

My 11th year here in America

It was February 16th of 2002 when I first arrived in San Francisco, California. It was a very long flight from Manila to San Francisco via Philippine Airlines. I cannot forget I am carrying my X-ray result with me all the time. It was a tiring flight being my first time flying in the international flight. The foods that the airlines served were very delicious. I still remember this mean woman telling me that I can use other bathroom. I was inline because I need “to go” so bad. As a first timer, you are still learning your emotions during the very long flight. I remembered I was interview by the Immigration officer and asking about a certain documents. I did not bring it with me. I replied to him that my fiancĂ© that time now my husband submitted it in the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines. I am glad that he believes in me and stamp my passport as my port of entry.

It was 34 degrees when I first step out at the Buffalo International Airport in New York. It felt like I am inside the freezer. Can you imagine from 90 degrees to 34 degrees in 24 hours? I am sure that your body is shock with the temperature changes. Life has been great since then. I am very blessed with two kids. My first job is in the nursing home for seven months but have to stop when I gave birth. I visited the Philippines for four times. The recent was last year of July 2012. My kids are both baptized in the Philippines. I lost the best man in my life, my father, whom until now I miss so badly. I know that he is very happy in heaven.
I had been to some States like Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Chicago. I also went to Canada and Japan. I love the steak with mushroom and asparagus. I still eat Filipino foods everyday.   I learned how to drive and have my driving license. I also become an American citizen.  These are some of my achievements since I live here in America. I want to say thank you to my husband for loving me as I am. I want to say thank you to America for accepting me as I am as well.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How easy to find a place at apartments.com

This post brought to you by apartments.com. All opinions are 100% mine.


I know that everybody wants to own a house they can call home.  There are times that we cannot afford to pay for the house mortgage.  The mortgage payment is not enough to pay with our pay check. It also involves hard work to take care of a house especially the front and backyard which is hassle if you are very busy with work. There are times that the inside needs repair and you do not have a budget for that. 
I have many friends that live in an apartment.  They say that living in an apartment is very easy but you have to make sure that you pay your rent in time. They say also that if there is something wrong in the apartment, it is very easy to call the landlord and fix anything in no time. Living in the apartment is safe as well.  
 photo Apts_PrfctFit_rgbjpg_zpsf00a594a.jpg
What about you? Do you need a place? Do you transfer from a new job? Why not check out apartments.com? This Website is very easy to search for the perfect apartment for you and your family from your computer. It is also available in mobile App like iPad, iPhone or Android. Whatever gadget you are using am sure you can find the perfect apartment for you.   
My close friend is moving to another State.  I know that I will miss her and her family. She also lives in an apartment. She is looking for a new apartment for her family in that new place. I told her to check out this Website. It is very easy to search for a new apartment. All you do is  type the city and State. It will give you result. I tried searching it for myself too. You will see the information you needed like pictures of the apartment. It shows how much is the rent. It also tells you the amenities of the apartment, stores that are close and office. I really like the apartment that I found from this Website. You can also contact the management for more information of the apartment.  
I am encouraging all my readers to check out this Website if you are looking for new apartments to stay. Please do not forget to follow the Website in Twitter @aptscom. You can read updates from new apartments and pictures in their Twitter account.    

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank you Izea for the Valentine’s treat

One of my journal friend shared a picture of the treats that she received from Izea. She asked me if I receive mine too. Unfortunately our mail box that day is empty. I told myself that maybe I was not chosen to receive Valentine's treat from Izea.

I am very surprised that I got a box in our mail box that Saturday afternoon. I never thought that it was the Valentine's treat from Izea. I am very happy indeed and thankful to Izea. It is a company that helps me as write and earn money and received products as free too. I do like this company.

What is inside my Valentine’s treat box? It has treats inside a plastic bag. It also come with a postcard node from Izea. The treats are candies and chocolates like Tootsie roll, kisses, bubble gum and many more. I only eat the chocolates especially the kisses my favorites. It also come with two Valentine’s pencil and a red fortune cookie. I have never seen a red fortune cookie before which I think is very adorable.
This is what is  inside my fortune cookie “ YOU WILL SPEND THE REST OF YOUR DAYS WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE” which is true. My husband is off for four days and the kids have no school for nine days. My favorite of all the Valentine’s treat is this red heart shape soft toy. It is squeaky.

What about you? Did you receive the Valentine’s treat from Izea as well? I want to say thank you Izea for all the Valentine’s treat.

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