Friday, May 23, 2014

Visiting Maggie(the Pitbull dog that we found) at the SPCA

I joined this contest in Facebook about  the Fifty Shades of Grey challenge everyday. Every day there is a challenge to post a picture about each theme that day. After the husband took a picture of me that day in the elevator at the court-house, he asks me if I want to see Maggie, I said absolutely I missed Maggie so very much and wondering how she is doing.

 photo SPCA_zps4b8eebe3.jpg
our animal shelter at our town, SPCA
We drove for at least 20 minutes to the SPCA, our animal shelter here in our town. We found out that Maggie(the kids named her that) did not picked up by the owner. She is totally abandon. Poor Maggie, my heart breaks for her.

 photo SPCAA_zps0820b8c8.jpg
visiting Maggie at the SPCA
We saw here where the dogs are. There are many Pitbull dogs at the animal shelter too. The odor is so nasty. It makes me sick. We were looking at the dogs and there she is we see our Maggie. She has the name Vicki on the paper. I cried right away. I have no clue why I am so attached with this dog. I admit I am not an animal lover like my husband and my kids though I take care of them. Even my husband is surprise that I like Maggie so very much.

Maggie has a little bed where she can sit or sleep. She also has a water dish. It looks very clean. She can go outside from her cage. Maggie is still wearing that same collar. I know that it is her because we notice the collar. My husband talk and pet Maggie. She is such a sweetheart for a Pitbull dog. She is very quite not like the other dogs around her that barks like crazy. It was awesome to see Maggie. I missed that dog very much.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy 82nd birthday to our dearest Grandma

Today our dearest Grandma is celebrating her 82nd birthday. I wish her good health the most. I hope that she feels better. Our Grandma was at the hospital because she cannot breathe. She has an emphysema. She is using a tube to help her breath. I wish our Grandma the best health. We got to see her few days ago.
 photo pizapcom14003444752661_zpsf8dd50e5.jpg
My kids when they were babies with their Grandma

 photo withtheirGrandmaonChrsitmasday_zps2b476542.jpg
Christmas Eve with their Grandma
By the way, here are photos when my kids were babies. You can see the difference between my two babies. The big brother is so little because he was born premature. The little girl is so much bigger though she was born a week early. Here is the recent picture of them  I took last Christmas. My kids are growing fast.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What happened to that Pitbull dog

Maggie as my kids gave the name to the puppy female Pitbull is gone from our home. We keep her for a day. Maggie was fed and shower with much love from our family. She is such a sweet Pitbull dog that we will never forget despite having her for just a day.

 photo maggieourpitbulldog_zps1fab8921.jpg
Maggie last day with us
My husband called the animal shelter the next day. He was then transferred to a dog warden number. The dog warden is connected to the animal shelter as well. The dog warden is skinny and I bet a smoker. He brought a rope with him. He is also carrying a gun with him. He said that Maggie is four months old. He also think that Maggie is a very good dog because she let him touch her face. He told my husband that the dog will return to the animal shelter. She will get check if there is a chip with her. A chip is like a grain of rice where it is inserted in the dogs ears. It will be check for number and information will shop up in the computer. If the dog has a chip, they will call the owner and ask for them to pick up the dog and show some papers like vaccines. If there is no chip, the dog is up for adoption. The dog will stay alive and it will not killed.

Fortunately, Maggie has a chip inserted in her hear. They found her owner and was contacted. She said that she did not know that her dog was lost. Oh I do not know if I believe that. The dog is gone for 24 hours. Maybe she was not home.

We are happy that Maggie went back to her owner. I hope that she will take care of that dog. We loved her already even for a day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Loving this Pitbull dog is very easy but letting her go is very hard

It was yesterday afternoon while I was reading a book in my Nook when I heard noises from outside. I take a peek and see two people and a dog. I panicked when I see the dog because it is a pitbull and I know my little K is allergic to dog.

 photo pitbulldog_zps0b8eca7a.jpg
A lost pitbull dog found roaming on our road by the neighbors
It was a neighbor that leaves in the red house with her son. They were walking on the road when they see this pitbull dog. They were wondering if we lost a dog. My husband said we do not have a dog. They felt badly because they cannot keep the dog. The neighbors have ducks and cats. My husband decided to keep the dog with us.

 photo pitbulldognamedMaggie_zps28b80482.jpg
The kids named her Maggie, what a sweet Pitbull dog she is
I am scared of dog and pitbull is the worst kind of dog. They are mean and vicious dog except for this dog. The kids name her Maggie. My husband thinks Maggie is still a puppy. She has black and white color and has a collar but no name tags. My husband thought that the dog was drop intentionally on the road for we do not know what reason. She is limping and maybe hit by a car or something.

 photo pitbullA_zps08db5707.jpg
She stays in the pool shed and has water, food and this blanket for the night
We fell in-love with Maggie right away. She is a very sweet dog. She has very white and clean teeth. My husband gave her water. She was very thirsty. My husband also bought some dog food in a can. She did not eat it. I do not know if she is hungry or she does not like the food.

 photo pitbullB_zps2c870beb.jpg
My son found a new best friend 
My little K starts to break out as you know she is allergic to dog. I gave her two teaspoon of Benadryl to help her itchiness away. She still can see and talk to Maggie but not close to her. I wish we can keep the dog but unfortunately we cannot.

 photo pitbullC_zps65d3936b.jpg
Giving Maggie a walk around the pond with myboys
My son really is in-love with Maggie. He plays with her. He gave him ball and Maggie chew it. My son throws the ball and Maggie gets it and drops it in front of my son. They are the new best friend.

I also plays with Maggie. She jumps right away and tell her to stay and no jumping. I took this picture of her when I was inside the house. She is in front of the bay window. It looks like she give me her smile. I also took picture of my son and Maggie.

My husband wants Maggie to go outside and walk around the pond. He put a rope attach to her collar but Maggie does not like it. She wiggles and carry the rope instead. We thought that she will go to the woods but she stays around the pond.

It is hard to let go of this sweet pitbull dog. Unfortunately, we have to say good bye to her. I know that my son is not happy when he comes from school. Around one this afternoon, a dog warden will pick up Maggie and will bring to the animal shelter. I hope that Maggie can find a better home and love her