Sunday, April 27, 2014

What a beautiful sunset by our pond

I took this picture yesterday afternoon before the sunset. I always love the sunset or even the sunrise. They are gorgeous ways of admiring how beautiful nature really is. Whatever I do if  I see a sunset, will stop and grab my camera.
I have a regular camera not a fancy camera. It will not stop me for taking pictures. I still love the result of the pictures.

 photo sunsetbyourpond_zps2562df7b.jpg
sunset by our pond
Today is Sunday. My husband is not working. My kids are off to school. All I want to start my morning is to go to church. I missed church so very much. It is my favorite place. I could stay there for a whole day, just praying and reflecting.

I hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday with family and friends.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I received my new Victoria's Secret credit card plus a $20 gift card

I cannot remember how many years I have used the Victoria's Secret credit card. I do not use it most of the times. I rarely used my Victoria's Secret credit card when I shop online or at the mall.

Sometimes I used my Victoria's Secret credit card to get some points. I also used it when there is a promo at the store for any Victoria's Secret credit card holder. My balance might be $50 or less.

 photo VSnewcard_zps67450855.jpg
My new Victoria's Secret "Angel Forever" card and gift card
Today I received my new Victoria's Secret credit card. It is called the Angel Forever in black color. It also came with a $20 gift card which I am very happy about it.  I do not know what to buy with my gift card. I am sure it would be new brassière or underwear which is my favorite thing to shop at Victoria's Secret. I already activated my new Victoria;'s Secret credit card.

How about you? Do you have a Victoria's Secret credit card? What do you shop  at Victoria's Secret store or online?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why weather cannot make up her mind

It was 79 degrees Fahrenheit that day. It feels a lot like summer though it is spring. The kids were enjoying the sun that day. They wear tanks, shorts and flip-flops. What an awesome treat that is from the weather.

 photo enjoyingthewarmday_zps7279d2e9.jpg
enjoying the warm day
The kids even take off their flip-flops and barefoot. They both have the white feet. It needs the sun very badly. Later we know, the weather cannot make up her mind again. The next day, it was snowing and back to the winter weather. The temperature was in the 30's. It went from 79 to 30 and back to winter coat and boots again.

 photo snowingthenextday_zps27549569.jpg
a view from our pond
Today feels like winter too. It is not snowing but it is really cold. You need to bundled-up if you want to get out. Tomorrow the highs will be in the 60's, that would be awesome.

How is the weather where you at right now?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I received a $25 gift card

What will I do with it? Well! I am going to spend that amount with e-books or paperbacks in Amazon. I am very blessed that this company is very generous to give me the $25 gift card aside from the products that they sent me for review.
 photo giftcard_zpsbc24cf3a.jpg
Thank you for the $25 gift card
How awesome is that. I am sure that doing review makes it easier when you received the opportunity like this. I want to say thank you again for this $25 gift card.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's raining and it's pouring

I woke up with a pouring rain this morning. I never thought that my day will like that too. I read my niece Facebook and that my younger sister will finally have her surgery. Everything went great with all her blood work done. I cannot stop crying. I feel so helpless because I am thousand miles away. I want to help her and her family. I cannot do that because I am very far.

 photo rainingA_zps7fa95611.jpg
I just write my emotions in my Facebook. I ask my friends to please include her in their prayers. I do appreciate all the comments and especially those wonderful prayers that come from their hearts. I cannot help myself crying. My eyes are really puffy since this morning.

The sun is shining now. I thank God for that. I feel a lot better too. I might shed some tears but not as bad when I woke up this morning. In few hours, my younger sister will have her surgery. I surrender everything to God. He is the best doctor that can heal my sister. I pray also to God that he will guide those amazing doctors that will do the surgery to my younger sister. I hope and pray that everything will be alright. Please continue to pray for my younger sister. I thank you all so much for that.