Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Thanksgiving dinner preparations

My hubby is scheduled to work on Thanksgiving. He also will work overtime. He will miss Thanksgiving dinner with his family. We decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner a day before Thanksgiving Day.
 photo Thanksgivingpreparation_zps8f1bfdc3.jpg

My husband went with me to the grocery store yesterday. We bought stuff we need for Thanksgiving dinner. I am not a good cook but am willing to learn as always. I search online for classic Thanksgiving dishes. I always love cooking classic dishes. 

I made a list for our grocery trips. We ended buying a 15 ponder young turkey. We also bought stuffing, gravy, beans, pie crust, apples, cranberry, lemon juice, ground cinnamon. It was fun cooking Thanksgiving dinner especially when my family helped out.   

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Curva Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage 8 oz Glasses from Ozeri

Do you ever wonder if you could use a regular glasses with your hot drink instead of using a regular cup? You have to think no more. I found the coolest glasses that you could use from cold to hot drinks. How amazing is that, right? 
 photo curvathermalglasses_zps87ff6290.jpg
The coolest glasses ever 

I love these glasses from Ozeri which you can buy or order exclusively from Amazon. It is the perfect size for my kids as well. I love it myself with my morning coffee. The glasses comes from Curva Artisan Series. It has double wall which makes the design very interesting. The glasses are very durable as well. You can wash it by hands or put them in the dishwasher. I put them in the dishwasher couple of times and cleans perfectly with the rest of my dishes. I also use one of the glass with my orange juice.
 photo curvathermalglassesA_zpsfc413bbf.jpg
It is perfect for my morning coffee

One of my son's classmates had a sleep over. It was dinner time and I use my new glasses. My kids also love these glasses. The three of them think that it is very cute. They have never see any glasses with the prettiest design before. I absolutely agreed with them.
 photo curvathermalglassesB_zps6121cbf6.jpg
It is perfect for my orange juice

How about you? Are you looking to buy the coolest and durable home or health products for yourself or maybe a gift? You can check their Facebook page as well for updates.
 photo curvathermalglassesC_zps96acd496.jpg
The kids even loved the glasses too 

I received the glasses for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.   

My high school yearbook picture

I am glad that one of my high school classmates invited me to our high school Facebook page. I am so very happy that I can connect to my old high school classmates. It is fun to remember the times I had with my high school friends.

 photo highschoolpicture_zps6381d50b.jpg
This is my high school yearbook picture. I am thankful that I was tag in my Facebook. I was 16 here so sweet and so innocent but not anymore. Our batch is 1991. I went to high school in a Catholic church. There were 55 in our class. There 24 boys and 31 girls.

How about you? Do you have a high school yearbook to show?