Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hearing some nice words from my supervisor at work

Yesterday while I was working, Miss D (the nurse) told me that I need to get a second dose of the PPD shot. It is a skin test if you have a tuberculosis with you. I had once done and turned out negative. You needed two doses as it is required. I am done with the PPD test. The next time I will have it is next year if I continue to work with this health care facility.

I am in my last room to clean when Ms. D asks me that she needed me in her office for the PPD shot. I told her that she is mean every time she gave me a shot. She just smiles at me. She knew that I hate shot.

I left after I had the shot and continue my work. I noticed that my left arm where I had a shot is bleeding. I went to the nurse office but no one is around. I went to my supervisor's office and asks her if she has a band-aide. She said she does not have any but she knows where the nurse put the band-aide.

She covered my arm with the band-aide. I told her thank you for doing that. She said that "I am so sweet" and that they are lucky to hired me. I just smiled back and told her that I am grateful and lucky to work here. I told her that I have the best supervisor which she is. My supervisor always work for our schedules. She always around every time we need something.

I LOVED working in this health care facility. I LOVED talking to the residents and help them if I could. Being kind to one another makes working this health care facility the best place to work for me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My very first pay check at work

I still have a copy of my very first pay check back in 2002. It was $24 for the four hours training at the nursing home. Back them I made $6 an hour. 
 photo My first pay check_zpseemrihlq.jpg

It has been 13 years and am now am back to work. This is my very first pay check after working in the health care facility which is only six minutes drive from where I live. I worked 27 hours that week. I was trained for three days and a day in the orientation. They also add the $50 for the uniform allowance.

This might be a small amount for others. As for me I am very thankful. I shared some to my Mom in the Philippines. Bought some new clothes for me and my kids. I also save a little. As to this date, I received four checks already.

I have worked for almost two months. The job is getting easier as I now know the routine. I will not trade anything in this job. Talking to the old residents and listening to their stories makes my job a lot easier. I made many new friends at work mostly nursing aide as we always bump into each other in one room.

This job is a blessing in disguise. I hope I can work longer and have the energy to go to work in my schedules. I usually work three times a week as I am only part-time. I got called once to work overtime.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My gratitude gathering for two Filipina that helped me to have this job

I cannot believe that it has been 5 weeks today since I started working. It seems like the time goes so quick so fast.

 photo my co-workers_zpsfzw0fyqo.jpg

Anyway, I am thankful to these two Filipina M & E for helping me to have this job in a health care facility. I am so beyond grateful for these two. Work is so physical and so tiring. The best part is walking. It is like you are working out while doing your job. My favorite is talking to the residents and get to know them better.

On February 28th, I invited my two Filipina friends to our house. They both were working that day. It was my day off. I made sure that our house is presentable. I told them to come over after work. I was surprised that they bring with them another co-worker of mine. I just want them to be surprised. Ms. K also is one of the women that trained me at work. I am happy that she came with them.

I bought a small cake for them which I write a Thank you M & E in the middle. I also made some Filipino food like pork adobo, pancit and chicken macaroni salad. E's family arrive few minutes. It was a small gathering but I am so happy that they both came. We had a wonderful time so as my family.