Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let’s get party my flip-flops from Victoria’s Secret

I bought this pink flip-flops from Victoria’s Secret at the mall for $5. You have to buy any pink products to get the flip-flops for that amount. It cost more without any purchase included. It is a size medium 7/8 flip-flops. I love the pink color though they have many colors available to buy.  It also has a word LET’S GET PARTY on the front.
 photo VictoriasSecretflipflops.jpg
It also comes with a plastic bag to keep it clean when you are not using it.
 photo VictoriasSecretflipflopsA.jpg
I love this flip-flops. It is so soft to wear. I wear it around the house and once outside last week when the weather is really warm. Now it is back to being freezing. I am even in front of the fireplace while writing this post.

How about you? Did you get this deal from Victoria’s Secret too?

Monday, April 8, 2013

My racer back Victoria’s Secret bra

I have a $10 off coupon from Victoria’s Secret that I got in the mail sometime this month. I am glad that I get to redeem before it will expire. The last month’s coupon expire because I do not have time  to drive to the mall because of the bad weather. The kids were with me when we went to Victoria’s Secret last week.

 photo racerbackbra.jpg
I was looking around inside the Victoria’s Secret store when the woman work in the store ask me if I need help. I showed her my V Victoria’s Secret coupon and showed me the bra that is qualify for the coupon. She then asks me what is my bra size. I said I wear a size 34 B and she said that she thinks that I should wear a size 36 because she is wearing size 36. She asks me if she could measure me and I said yes. She was right my bra size is 36 b. All along I wear a different size bra. I wonder that too because it feels like they are a bit small on me.

I was thankful to her for finding me the right bra to wear. I found the bra type that I want. I love to wear tank top and wearing regular bra will show your bra straps.  I am happy that I bought this pink racer back bra for a $29.50  and use my $10 off so I just pay $19.50. Most of bra are all Victoria’s Secret. I just love their material.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Liquid Vitamin D Supplement

Having a healthy body means being able to function properly and have the energy to do all the things that you need to have to do for the day. It also means having enough energy to engage in other activities apart from what you do at home and at work. When you have a healthy body, you also increase your immunity against common viruses and diseases.
There are certain things that you can do to maintain a healthy body. A healthy lifestyle is must and this includes eating nutritious foods and having a regular exercise regimen. But if you feel that you’re body is not getting all the nutrients that it needs for the day through the foods that you eat, you can include vitamin supplements to your daily diet. Consult your doctor and ask him about the different vitamin supplements that may be suitable for you. Although vitamin supplements can be readily bought without a prescription, it is still best if you ask your doctor about them first and ask for recommendation. Your doctor can also guide you on the right dosage for every kind of vitamin supplement that you will include in your diet. There are also a variety of articles online about vitamin supplements and what they can do for you. The vitamin supplement that you will take such as liquid vitamin D supplement will help provide the nutrients that your body needs daily. Keep in mind though that vitamin supplements are not intended to be food substitute. Taking nutritious foods are still important. The vitamin supplement that you will take will only help to fill in the ‘gap’, to make sure that the daily nutrient requirement that your body needs are met. There are a number of benefits of taking vitamin supplements daily. Vitamin deficiency, which can lead to other illnesses, is often the result when one is not able to get all the nutrients he needs from the foods that he consumes daily. With a healthy diet, daily exercise regiment and the proper vitamin supplement taken at the right dosage, having a healthy body is possible.

Today is the 8th year since my Dad went to heaven

I missed my Dad so very much. It was 2003 the last time I saw him with my six month old son now ten (10) years old. I visited his grave with my six years old daughter( she never meet her Grandfather) last July of 2012. I even told my little girl about his grandfather.  She has so many questions about him.

 photo MyDad.jpg

I am a Daddy’s girl. I look like my Dad too. I got his skin complexion. I also got his love of music. I got his character of always save your money. My husband told me that our son looks like my Dad as well. I am very happy about it. My son looks more of a Filipino than American. 

I will never ever forget my Dad. He loves to support his family. He will do everything for us. He is a very hard-working man. I am glad that my husband is like that too.  He likes to make and build stuff. He is very creative. He is the best painter I ever known. He is very funny as well. 

I know that my Dad is looking down to us from heaven. He is not here with us physically. I know that I still can feel his presence. The other day I heard his voice. Nobody is around me because it was in the middle of the night. I was sleeping on the floor. I heard somebody is waking me up. I thought it was my husband but nobody there. I remember that my Dad’s death anniversary is approaching. He reminds me that make sure I do not forget.

I called my Mom yesterday night. I told her to visit my Dad’s grave and bring some flowers and candles as well. I will see my Dad’s grave next summer. It has been eight (8) years since you went to heaven. You are always in my hearts forever. I want to say thank you for loving us unconditionally.