Friday, March 30, 2012

Staying fit and healthy through CafeWell

This post brought to you by CafeWell. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring is here. It is time to lose the weight from the winter. During winter, people gain more weight because of the bad weather. People do not want to leave the house but only for important trips. Nobody wants to work out when there is a blizzard outside. Spring is the perfect season to stay focus to yourself and stay healthy.  
Do you have a lap top and a Wi-Fi connection in your home? Why not join CafeWell? I am sure that you are wondering what is a CafeWell? It is a social network that partners with Altius which is a health program. Everybody can join because it is free. Even your friends can join too in this wonderful program. CafeWell is perfect anywhere you go. It helps you and your friends to stay fit and healthy. It guides you to eat the healthiest foods and the best fitness that you can enjoy doing with your friends. Are you an Altius member? You can join free and will receive a pedometer to check the calories you lose by joining and being active of this program. They also have giveaways through Reach for the Peaks. These are some of the wonderful prizes that will challenge you to join. You can register by 3/30/12 for a chance to win a 55" HDTV and an Activity Game System Package. You can win Two trips for two with outdoor adventures in Hawaii. There are 84 $500-1000 gift cards to give away to lucky winners. These prizes are amazing. I hope that you will win.   
By the way, do you want to know that CafeWell and Altius works? You can read a testimonial below.   
"I never thought that I was competitive before.  Now I am counting steps and enjoying seeing them add up.  My husband was actually teasing me a little and telling me that I was competitive after all… It has been fun to encourage each other to get more steps in each day.  It is also fun to see the medals add up.  I don't know whose idea it was to get this program started, but it was a great one.  I sure hope everyone else is enjoying this health competition to get healthy!"  
What do you think? How CafeWell can help you? You can check their spring fitness ideas so you and your friends will have the fun doing it together. It is also the time to learn how to cook nutritious foods than eating in the restaurant.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where to buy masks, mattress and drifting table that is affordable

There are people who are unfortunate not to sleep without help. It is lucky for us that we sleep without any complications. Some people experience this breathing or sleeping problem later in their life. One aide to have is this cheap cpap masks to help them sound asleep better.

I remember when I had my first baby, we are not ready. He was born early and his room is not complete yet. My sister-in-law gave us the crib. What piece is missing is? This cheap baby mattress is the first thing we bought on his room. He sleeps so well at night. I am thankful for this bed accessory.

Going to college is hard when you do not have the things for doing your projects. How I wish I have this cheap drafting tables to help with my projects. I spend so much time doing my thesis. This is a big help for me especially late at night. You need space for doing your projects to finish on time. This is just perfect for the small space in my room too.

Are you looking for health products, bed accessories and drafting tables? You can find all the products that are cheap and affordable for all your needs from this Website. They are cheap and products are durable too.

I voted for Roshon and Chelsie on dancing with the stars


Do you like dancing with the stars? Did you vote for your favorite team? Who are your favorites? I voted Roshon and Chelsie for the first time. I voted them from our regular phone. I also voted them online. I always like Chelsie. She is so adorable and I love the way she dance. I miss her on 2011 dancing with the stars. She is always my favorite. Tonight is the first elimination of the show. I hope that Roshon and Chelsie will not eliminated from tonight's show. Did you ever voted on a TV’ show before? Good luck to both of them on tonight’s show.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Benefits of having perfect credit score

Do you know that having a perfect or excellent credit scores give you great benefits? One benefit is when you apply for a mortgage for a new house; your loan is easily granted. You can select it if you want a bank or broker for your loans. We apply our mortgage from the bank. You could also pick if you want to have a fixed or adjustable mortgage rates. We pick adjustable rates as we can pay extra for our principal amount. We like it this way. Paying extra fees will help you lower your interests. This works best for us.

I know whatever you choose will works for your from this mortgage company. You should check it out if you think of paying affordable mortgage. Do you want to move from the apartment to your own house? This Website will answer any questions you have about mortgage. I wish you luck. I hope that you will find your perfect house and pay the mortgage in your convenient process.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finding ways to prevent cancer

My eldest sister is a breast cancer survivor. With God’s graceful blessing, she has been cancer free for four years I believe or so. She still visits the doctor to check her health. Everybody is prone to cancer whether we like it or not and that includes me too. How do we prevent cancer? I think everybody wants to know the answer to that important question.

Do you know that with just six (6) dollars we can help prevent cancer? It is too good to believe, right? Flavonoids are compound that we get from fruits and vegetables. If you do not like to eat vegetables, start eating now. Besides it is very healthy for you, it prevents from any illness too. Flavonoids are anti-oxidants too. They help prevent cancer. One of the flavonoids called quercetin. You can find quartering from vegetables and fruits. When you take quercetin, make sure you have to drink vitamin c too. It does not dissolve in water. Quercetin is only six dollars which is very cheap. Green Tea extract helps also prevent cancer. Health is wealth, that is way you have to eat fruits and vegetables to protect yourself. For more information about quercetin, please check the Website.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making graduation announcements memorable


I am one proud Aunt to my niece D for graduating college this year. How I wish I can attend her graduation. Unfortunately, I live half-way across the world. I want her to know that I am happy that finally all her hard works pay of. I am so proud of her and love her very much. She deserves the best on her graduation. I am not there, physically to attend and witness her greatest achievement but I want to create a graduation announcements for her. I will show to the world how happy and proud of my niece for graduating.

She is my first niece that I took care of. I miss her very much. It has been almost six years since the last time I see her. She has been through a lot of difficulties in her life. Yet through it all, she survives. I never stop giving her advises. Other people will give up on her but not me. I want her to shine because she deserves it. I am so proud and happy that she did her best.

I still remember her first walk. I taught her how to do it in our old house. Despite growing up having difficulty, she change, and today is the day that all her struggles and temptations shine. I cannot wait to show the world how proud I am of having a niece that finally will graduate. Studying is not fun, you encounter so many problems and that includes financial. I may not help her all the way but I try in my own small way. I love her very much. I am so sorry I cannot attend your graduation this year. I will share with her this little thought from me by telling the world that I am so proud of you. Everything ends in a happy way. You deserve it my niece D. Always believe that dreams do come true. I am happy that you never give up believing yourself. Congratulation my niece D and once again I am so proud of you. I hope that you will have a wonderful graduation ceremony.

Monday, March 5, 2012

App available for kids

I just bought an iPad last week. The kids love my new gadget. They learn it first because they have it at school. I am getting use to it now. I am faster using my laptop than my iPad. My kids love to play game as they play it at school. Do you know any educational App for kids that I can download it for free? I want them to play at the same time learns something. Do you have an iPad too? Please share me some information on what Apps are great to download on my iPad.

How to save electricity

Prices are going up everyday from food, gas and electricity. We try to save electric as much as not using our appliances. We have to make sure that everything is unplugging to those appliances that we are not using. We try to take a quick shower to save water and heater. We recycle papers, plastic and can to help the environment. Those are some tips that I can share how I save electricity. What about you? How do you save energy and electricity?

Spring is almost here. I cannot wait at that to happen. I know that after spring, it is summer. It is when we open our pool. My family loves to swim. Do you know how we save electricity? Our pool has the heater but we have the solar panels that keeps our water warm. During the middle of the day, I turn it on and the water is really warm. We have the solar cover for our pool which is a big reason.

How I wish that we have the solar electric panels in our house. It will surely save electricity and energy. Do you want to have that attach in your home too. You can check out the Website on how this company will help you save money and electricity.

The Bachelor the women tell it all

Are you a fan of the show? I am one die-hard fan of the Bachelor. It airs every Monday on ABC. My Monday is not complete if I did not watch it. There are times that I miss some scenes but will make it up the next day on ABC’s website. Tonight’s show is about the women tell it all. It is a show where all the rejected women from Ben’s bachelor will share their experienced while they were in the show. Tonight also Courtney, one of the final two women, will come face to face with the other women. Do you like her? I do not like Courtney, she is one mean woman. Are you watching the show tonight?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting fit trough Gaiam TV

This post brought to you by Gaiam. All opinions are 100% mine.

Winter is almost over. It is time to get fit and keep up with our health. Working out is very hard during the winter. Driving is no fun. Most of the gym classes are canceling due to road condition. Now you think, what now? You lose a day of work out and you eat a lot of calories. You gets bored in your house. What do you do to keep up your work out in time? 
Google Image Result for

The answer for that is by becoming a member of GaiamTV. Have you heard about Gaiam TV? It is a program on TV where you can pick and work out of your choices. They have many channel selection from yoga and to all the fitness you want. What is wonderful about it is? You can work out in your own time and schedule. You can subscribe now to get in your work out. By joining the program, you can have the best fitness instructor you want like Jillian Michaels and other famous instructor. She will help you target the part of your bodies that you want to trim just by subscribing to GaiamTV.  

You can also join the giveaway and win prizes like one (1) month free subscription, one (1) Gaiam yoga mat. Please check out more details about this giveaway here Please join now you never know that you are one lucky winner. 
Do you know that there is ten (10) days free of subscription to all the subscribers for GaiamTV? I think that is one wonderful reason to try this work out service. I will definitely try it too. You can pay $9.95 every month if you want to continue the work out. You can also cancel it any time you want if you do not like it. I am sure that you will stay in the program.  
You can also follow their Twitter page @GaiamTV for more health tips and updates. I am already one of their followers. I want to stay fit and keep updated to GaiamTV and you should too. I am sharing this great news to all my friends in Facebook and my followers in Twitter too.  
Now is your chance to continue your work out instead of going to the gym. The best place to do it is in your home and in your free time. GaiamTV is the key to your success.  

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