Thursday, March 19, 2015

Can you see leaves or heart?

Life is very simple. It is us who makes life itself complicated. Life is too short that we need to spend to people whom we love the most. Speaking of love, I walked our Pitbull dog named Maggie for her morning routine across the road which we also own the land.

 photo files of old leaves_zps7i70bxqk.jpg

I see this old files of leaves buried on the snow. Tomorrow is officially Spring. Snow are almost gone and melting. When I saw this file of leaves, all I can think of is heart. Is that what you see too, a heart of a files of leaves?  

Love is all around us especially when we open our hearts and mind. I see a lot of heart shapes with me. It happens when I less expected it. This heart made my day. I am very simple and simple things make me happy.