Monday, April 30, 2012

We bought a new pool solar cover

We open our pool lasts Saturday. The kids did not swim because it is freezing cold. I am happy that they understand. It is for their health too. My husband bought a new pool solar cover. The ones we have ripped and it is falling apart. It always leaves blue every time my husband vacuum the floor. I hope this pool solar cover will lasts longer. The pool solar cover will help the water warms especially when it is hot and sunny. Do you have pool in your house? Did you open your pool yet? I am glad that the pool solar cover is blue. It is perfect entry for Blue Monday  and #121 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.  
Smiling Sally

How to make your business more profitable

Are you planning to have a business online? Do you need help on how to make your business profitable? You need the help of business web hosting for your products or services to get stable. It is like a house for your business where it can stay safe.

They also have other services for your business hosting plans, business blog hosting or business domain hosting of the choices you like. You can pick essential, plus or premium plans. There is no difference but it is really up to you which one you can afford. They have the 24/7 expert technicians for you available if you call them. Their service is easy to use too. You can read some testimonials of happy people who try their services.  I am sure that you can find the perfect plan for your business. 

I hope that you try their service and see for yourself how your business boom in no time with their help. There are businesses that you cannot do your self. You need the professional like here from this Website. I write journals online and use their help for my journal to success.   

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lawyers that you can rely on

Problems always come in our lives. It could be family or business matters. There are times that problem are way beyond our expectation that you are having a bad time on how to fix it. Times like this you need lawyers that you can trust and will fight for your rights. 
Barrie lawyers are your lawyers that you can rely on when everything is against your will. Do you live in Ontario Canada? Are you having difficult time finding a lawyer? Please check out this Website. They are here for you. They have the lawyers that are perfectly fit for your problems. They have lawyers for real estate, malpractice, family, estate planning, employment and business lawyers. Is your case need a help from these professional lawyers? Think no more, your problem has finally has solution. You can give them a call. All calls are important and private. I hope that you are worry free in no time so you can enjoy your life and have the fun you really wanted. Good luck and hope you win your case.  

Planning ladies lunch date with friends

One of my friends is going out-of-town. She wants to plan for us ladies to bond again. There are no kids that are allowed on this lunch date. I love going out with these ladies. The last time we had our lunch date was at a Japanese restaurant. I hope this time we could go to another restaurant. Do you have any particular restaurant to share? We are all adults and it is wonderful to relax and have a great time away from our kids sometimes. It is the best time to catch up with our lives. I am sure that there is great news to share and hear from my friendships. What about you? Do you go out with your friends?  

Protect your car from Armor All

This post brought to you by Armor All. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was very happy when I passed my road test. You never know what it means to me to have the driver license. My husband works in different shifts. My little girl, that time is about to enroll to Pre-K in school. There is no bus available for her to pick and drop her off from school and to our house. The only way she can go to school is I am driving her. I am very thankful to GOD that finally I passed the road test. 

My husband gave me this car on our 9th wedding anniversary. Since then I take the kids with me wherever I go. We go to church, grocery or at the park. My kids eat inside the car. They drop the foods sometimes. I clean the interior of the car. I am thankful that Armor All helps me protect my car. I ask my husband to buy me the Armor All when he comes home from work. He is driving that way anyway. 
Armor All is easy to use. All I need is a cloth, spray and wipe the surfaces of my car. It gives my car Extreme Shield Wax that I needed so badly. What I love about it is? It does not give any odor because I am allergic. I can use it with direct sunlight. The dashboard needs to clean very often. I can even apply it in my GPS. I love how it shines brilliantly and long-lasting. Mom likes me do not need to worry anymore. Armor All is our best friend from the kids mess.  
Is your son a race car fans? My son loves the race car show. He even wears race car costume from his favorite race car driver. Does your son likes Tony Stewart? Is he one of his biggest fans? Now is your chance to win a Camaro SS car that is signed  by Tony Stewart. All you need is join the Armor All 'What Life Did to your Car' contest on Facebook here. Please do not forget to join the contest. You never know you will win this beautiful car that is signed by his idol Tony Stewart. I wish you luck. I hope that you will win. The car is the greatest gift you can give to your son when he turns 16 years old.      
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chewable toys for the gerbils and hamster

Tom and Jerry are the gerbils that my kids have. They also have a Mickey, the hamster. The three uses their chewable toys. My husband bought new colorful sticks for them to chew.  We will see how long these chewable sticks will last. My kids really love their pets. They take care and play with them everyday. Do you have pets too? What kind of pets do you have? Do they play with their chewable toys?  Do you buy toys for them too? The gerbils and hamster play with their toys at the same they eat them too. It is great for their teeth to stay healthy. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Using media as the biggest tool

Business is not successful without any costumers who try your products. You need
social media marketing strategy to help you promote your products. You can even see samplers if you are in the grocery store. It is one way for costumers to try it before buying the products. There are times that they send sample of any products before selling it to the public. I even received many products to try in my journal. As a costumer myself, I write an honest opinion about the product after I tried. This is one sample for businessperson to catch attention from their prospective buyers.


You can also air your products through a radio. You can advertise it on TV too. I like to write journal, you can ask me or other writers to write about your products. I think that is why media is the biggest tool for businessperson to try. You can learn from this Website of what advantages it gives to your business. Do not rely on to yourself. You need other people’s help in promoting your products. This Website will help you. Why not give them a call for more information. I hope they bring your business a success in no time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bubba Watson won the Masters champion

My husband and my son love to watch golf on TV. I am watching it too as it is very interesting to watch. We watched the Masters before going to my sister’s-in-law’s Easter dinner. I thought that Bubba Watson will not win the Masters as he is behind. We left the house and continue watch the golf at my sister’s-in-laws- house. Everybody is watching the golf show too. Fortunately, Bubba Watson won the Masters champion. He beats the guy Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa that made Double Eagle. It was a fun game to watch. Did you watch it too?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Vote to help the spring gap hunger

This post brought to you by The Walmart Foundation. All opinions are 100% mine.


Growing up, we do not have enough food to eat in our home. Yet, we are still thankful that we can eat 3x a day. My Dad makes it sure that he can provide foods for his family. He is receiving small pay check every month. Yet we still survive with God’s loving help. He has a great job at the school where I graduated in college. My father is a great provider. I miss him very much. He is gone for seven years tomorrow. He will always stay in our hearts forever.  
Inbox (16 messages, 1 unread).jpg 
How do you feel when you have a nothing to provide for your family? I am sure that you feel helpless. I am sure that you have no choice but to ask donations from charity. Do you know that unemployment is the # 1 reason why people do not have the food to eat especially during spring? Wal-Mart, Feeding America and four respectable companies like America- ConAgra, General Mills, Kraft and Kellogg's combine to help one another to help the spring gap. How can you help? The program will starts on April 9th to April 30th. How can we help? You can Vote to fight spring hunger with Walmart when they start the program on their Facebook page. There are 200 communities here  that is open for voting.  Wal-Mart will donate a total of $2 million to the 21 communities receiving the most support: $1 million to the winner and $50,000 each to the 20 runners-up. Winning communities will be announced May 1st. 
The Fighting Hunger Together initiative is expected to generate 43 million meals for families in need. 
I am sure that you are willing to help too, right? There are many healthy products that are available for you to buy from these four brand foods from April 9th to 30th.  Together we can make a difference to help our communities. Please do not forget to share this to your Facebook friends too. They can also vote. 


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wonderful Mother's Day Gifts to Surprise you Mom

Your mother is a very important lady in your life. She was there from the time you were born. She will continue to be there even when you have a family of your own. Thus, she deserves only the best during special occasions such as Mother's Day. You have to make sure that she gets the treatment she deserves on Mother's Day by giving her some wonderful Mother's Day gifts.

To make Mother's Day very special, surprise her with getting a gift that she never think that you will give her. Moreover, give it to her with the perfect timing. One of the best gifts you can give you mom on Mother's day is to hold a surprise party especially for her. During this day, you have to make your mother feel like a queen. Never let her do any household chores. She only has to focus to all the attention and love from her friends and relatives that are going to the party. You can arrange this party at your house or in her favorite restaurant.

Another surprise gift you can give her is giving her experience day gifts. These gifts provide a memorable experience. When giving experience gifts to your mother, you have to make sure that you consider her interests when choosing one. You can get your mom ballroom dancing lessons if she likes and enjoys dancing. If your mom cooks well, then, you can enrol her in a cooking lesson to enhance her cooking skills further. You can make her dreams come true when you give her some experience gifts. Mothers often let go of the things that they want to do in order to have enough time raising the kids. Also, they normally let go of their hobbies to. Giving her some experience gifts makes her enjoy those things that she gave up.

There are many experience gifts that you can give as Mother's Day gifts. You can browse online to get some ideas. Most of these experience gifts may sound funny, but they are a thoughtful gift. For example, you can give an experience gift to record a song in a real recording studio to your mom who loves to sing ad dreamed of becoming a recording artist. All these gift ideas will surely surprise your mother during the special day of the year. You have to make sure that you give them with perfect timing in order to enhance the surprise factor of the gift.

How to protect your home and your family

Safety is one concern for home owners like us. We have to make sure our home is safe when we travel. The kids are taking their Easter break from school too. Do you live in a country side in Atlanta where it is calm and peaceful? What do you do to make your home safety from any burglary and thief?

Do you know that will help you and your family safe? They will install a device in your home where no one can sees it. They can monitor the video from their office to your house. They will call the authorities when they see unexpected visitor before he/she will plan to go inside your home. My brother-in-law had this and it is working.
I wanted to have this in our home for so long. I wanted to feel secure sleeping knowing that my kids and I are safety. What about you? Do you feel the same way for your home? You can check out the Website for more information.