Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am finally a registered US voter

I cannot remember when the last time I voted back in the Philippines was. I admit I hate politics but I need to vote to support the politicians that I think is perfect for my vote. I always vote for politicians whom I believe will help the people. I do miss my right to vote since I left my home town.

 photo registeredvoter.jpg
When my driver license is about to expire before my birthday, I renew it and registered to vote. Do you know that your driver license always expire on your birthday? You have to remember that every time it is your birthday.  You have no idea how many times I have to think to register or not to register. I finally decided to register to vote since I am an US citizen for almost four years now.

 photo registeredvoterA.jpg
Yesterday, I received a welcome letter from our Congress representative that I am now officially can vote. I am very much excited to cast my ballot. There are elections coming during the next month. These are just the local election. I am very excited and been asking my husband on what to do when you are in the precinct. It is just like the Philippines election so I think I will do just fine during my first vote.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A new outfit for her dolls

I saw this outfit for her doll on sale at American Girl website. It was on sale for $7.50.
 photo AmericanGirldolloutfits.jpg
I bought three the same outfits for her dolls. The outfits are long sleeve top, pants and shoes. It also comes with a charm bracelet. You seldom see outfits on sale for that price that cheap. I grab the opportunity to buy three outfits.

 photo AmericanGirldolloutfitsA.jpg
After we opened all her Christmas gifts from Santa, the little K then dresses her three dolls with the same outfits. They all look like triplets. The dolls are all so cute. She is very funny indeed. She can create silly poses with her dolls. There is also a picture of her with her dolls.

 photo AmericanGirldolloutfitsB.jpg
This little girl of mine is very lucky to have the three dolls. I only had one doll when I was a little girl. How about you? Do you play doll when you were little?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Little K opening her American Girl doll last Christmas

Here is a video that I took last Christmas. Take a look at my little K opening her American Girl doll present last Christmas. She is one funny little girl of ours. Please excuse how she wears her Santa hat.  You can see how funny she is. M her niece also is helping her opening her present.

I have an American Girl doll magazines come every month. She told me before Christmas that she wishes that Santa will bring her American Girl doll. She showed the picture of the American Girl doll that she wants.
 photo AvahernewAmericanGirldoll.jpg
She wants this doll that has a light skin like her. The doll also has the dark brown hair like her. The doll also has round eyes like her as well. Do you know what she likes about the doll? She said because the doll has the underwear. I am telling you this little girl of ours is very funny.  The American doll wears a shirt, skirt, of course underwear and a boots. She likes her new American Girl doll.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Ava the new addition to my little girl’s doll

My little K is such a girl. She loves to play with dolls. She has the two dolls from Dollie and Me. Yet, she wants a new doll to add to her dolls collection. This time she wants a doll from American Girl. I was hesitant at first to buy her a new doll. American Girl dolls are very expensive. It cost $110 for each doll. It is half the price of Dollie and Me dolls. I will not buy her for that. There is no way that I can afford to buy her a new doll for that price.

 photo americangirldoll.jpg
The husband spoils her. Can you blame her Daddy? My husband said to buy her a new American Girl doll for Christmas. My husband wants her daughter to grant one of her Christmas wish. You should see her Christmas list during Christmas. This girl will cost an arm and a leg. She is lucky that her Daddy will do everything to make his little girl happy. She does also looks like her Daddy. She can wrap her Daddy in her fingers. She names her American Girl doll Ava. I will show more pictures in my next journal.

 photo americangirldollA.jpg
How about you? Does your girl play with dolls? Will you buy her expensive dolls? My opinion is, American Girl doll is expensive because the material is a lot durable than her old dolls. You cannot picture her smiles and happiness when she plays with her doll.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids and their gadgets, what is up with that?

The kids are really lucky to have the gadgets at a young age. I wash in senior high school when I learned how to use the computer. We have to do it in a group as well. Today’s generation is more advance in terms of gadgets. My kids are one of those advance kids that have gadgets on their own.

 photo kidsandtheirgadgets.jpg
I took this picture of my kids with their niece. They were all so busy playing with their gadgets that they do not notice that I took a snap shot with them. M is my husband’s grand-daughter who is busy playing her Nook from Santa. The little K is busy playing with my Nook that I got on my Christmas birthday. The big K is busy playing with their iPad.

How about you? Are your kids like my kids as well? Do you allow them to play in their gadgets?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thanks God for the fireplace

It was last week when the temperature is below zero. It was negative one where we live. The schools were close. I am happy about that. The wind chill is negative 21. It is very dangerous for your expose skin. Can you imagine kids outside in that frigid temperature waiting for the bus? My kids are lucky that we have a bus shed. They are warm inside while waiting for the bus. What about other kids?

 photo thanksGodforfireplace.jpg
I thank God for the fireplace and for my hard-working husband of mine too. I felt badly that he is working last week. There is even blizzard in the city. It was negative five and the wind chill is negative 35. He said that he cannot see the car in front of him. He drives his work truck. He said that it is very cold. They only stay outside for two minutes and back inside the truck to warm up. He also said that his eye brows were covered by snow.

I am thankful that we have the fireplace to keep my family warm. It is not fun cutting the wood, split them and file it in the garage. It is a hard work. It saves us with the electric bill. We do not turn our thermostat. The fireplace is our main heat.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Saying good-bye to their big sister

It was two days ago when my kids say good-bye for their big sister. It has been wonderful to spent time with their big sister and niece for two weeks. I am glad that my kids bond with their big sister and their niece three times last year. I am so thankful that my husband’s relationship with his eldest daughter is back in track. It feels great to see them all bond together.

 photo sayinggoodbyetotheirbigsister.jpg
Their eldest sister and their niece stayed in my little girl’s room for tow weeks while they spend their winter breaks here in Western New York. They also went to see their friends and some relatives from her mother’s side.  It is a better sweet saying good-bye to their big sister. My son is very emotional. He is just like his Daddy.

 photo sayinggoodbyetotheirbigsisterA.jpg
Their big sister and their niece flew back to Florida. I hope someday we can visit them. These are some pictures I took while the kids are saying good-bye to their big sister for now.