Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My little girl as a Fairy

The family went to the mall to go shopping last Saturday. The kids went to their Daddy at Macy’s for men store. I shop by myself which was really great. I can shop by myself. I went to two stores by myself. I went to Victoria’s Secret. I also went to Crazy 8 store. They sell kids clothes from newborn to 14 years old for boys and girls. I also had a 20% coupon for that store. I might as well use the coupon, right? It will save me money.

Photobucket I really like the store. I bought some shirts, accessories and costumes from that store. I found this Fairy costume for my little girl. The outfits sold separately in the clearance section. It is a size 7-8 which she can wear next year. This is not her costume for Halloween this year by the way. I thought that she will look adorable when she wear them. I really like the wing most of all. My little girl likes her fairy costume very much. She even wears it the entire night.

What do you think of my little fairy? Does she look adorable?  I am linking this entry to Blue Monday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Washers that will keep your tools secure

My husband is a handy man and loves to work all the time. He likes to keep himself busy. Sometimes he asks my help. Most of the time, he works by himself. He has many tools in the garage. I see him working mostly outside.

One time, he needs help with putting all the picnic tables and bench from the pond. We need  to store them to the garage to keep it dry. He was taking out the flat washers from the bench. Washers are important to secure furniture like the outdoor.

Do you need standard washers for your home projects? You can find any washers you need from this Website. The prices are affordable too. You can even buy it in bulk to save you money. I should tell my husband about this Website for all washers he needs. We will never run out of washers if we buy from this Website.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Received this $10 coupon for Parent’s Choice formula

I am lucky that when I had my babies, I do not need to buy a formula. My babies are both breast-fed babies. My son was only ten months. The little girl stopped when she was two years old. I tried to pump my milk and put them in the baby bottle. Unfortunately, they will not take any bottle. I remember I used many baby formulas just to try which one they will love. I ended up collecting bottles. These kids will not take any pacifier. I am happy that they are both healthy when they were babies especially my son who was born a premature.

The baby formulas are expensive. One can will not last longer. I am surprise that I received this $10 coupon for any Parent’s Choice baby formula. You can buy the milk at Wal-Mart. Do you have a baby? Are you using the formula to feed her/him? What kind of baby formula do you use? I can give you this coupon if you use the Parent’s Choice baby formula so you can save $10.

I am planning to put this on Ebay and hope that a mother can use it to feed for their baby and save money as well.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Hostess mini chocolate muffin

I love to drink coffee especially in the morning. My day is not complete without a hot coffee. My coffee also has a partner.
I love these mini chocolate muffins that come from the company Hostess. I always buy especially they are on sale in my local grocery store. This is the last of the four boxes that is left that I bought from the grocery last week. I know I should buy more boxes.

The box comes with four packages of mini chocolate muffins.
There are five mini muffins in each package. It sealed into freshness. You can eat it right away. You can also warm it up for 10-15 minutes in the microwave. I warm my muffins. Hostess made delicious muffins. It also comes in varieties. My families’ favorite of course is chocolate. There is banana with walnut, blueberries or brownies. My husband brings this muffin at work too. My kids bring this at school for snacks as well.

What about you? Do you drink coffee, milk or orange juice? Have you tried the Hostess mini muffins? Is it available in your area?

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

How PULL-UPS®Night*Time Glow in the Dark makes potty training fun and easy

This post brought to you by PULL-UPS® Night*Time. All opinions are 100% mine.


I know how potty train is not easy. I noticed that when my nieces and nephews were little. I watch my sisters potty trained their kids and it is no fun at all. Growing up in the Philippines, we did not use PULL-UPS® to potty train my nieces and nephew. I know how frustrating my sisters are.  
I was lucky when I have my own kids. Potty training them are fun and easy. There are times that you feel frustrated which is normal for us parents. I am sure that the kids feel frustrated as well because they want to called a big boy or big girl. What makes it easy for me is? The PULL-UPS® is a God sent from heaven especially at night. The PULL-UPS® are just like regular underwear for the kids. It comes with sizes from two(2) toddler to three(3) toddler who weights 18 to 34 ponds and three(3) toddler to four(4) toddler who weighs 32 to 40 pounds. The little girl can wear the Cinderella while the boys can wear McQueen or Mater. I am sure from those kids character, they are helpful to potty train them.  

How is your night-time bed routine with your kids? Do you struggle or not? We are lucky that our kids have no problem going to bed. We have the bed time routine that we stick since they were babies. We brush their teeth. They spend more time brushing their teeth. Put their pajamas. Read them a bed night story. We have to make sure too that they use their potty. Do you know what makes it more fun potty train at night is? When you use the PULL-UPS® Night*Time Glow in the Dark. This is very easy to do. You have to make sure that you stand near the night-light for 20 seconds with the PULL-UPS® and it will glow in the dark. I am sure the your kids will amaze that their PULL-UPS® lights up.  
Do you have a bed time routine to share? You could win a $100 gift card from Wal-Mart? All you do is write your story and you enter as many times you want. The more you join, the more chances of winning?      
Do you like to receive a free $1 coupon? You can save even more by sharing the offer and increasing your coupon value to $2. You can print it from here to save you money.  Kids are not easy to potty train but with the help of PULL-UPS®, soon your Cinderella or McQueen fans are on their way.   

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Friday, October 5, 2012

My feminine hygiene wash that I use

I have used this feminine hygiene wash since I arrived in America ten years ago. I used Summer Eve’s product for my delicate body part. It comes with different favors as you might call it. I usually buy it at Wal-Mart but not this time. Our neighborhood pharmacy has a sale for this week. I always receive the magazines from them every week. I always check it before I throw it in the recycle bin.
This week’s sale is about feminine wash and lotion. I already post the lotion in my other journal. You can avail the next item for 50% if you buy one product. It is buy one take one 50% off. I usually buy the small size but since they have a sale I buy the biggest size I guess. This way I can use it for a long time. What about you? What kind of feminine wash you use for your delicate body part? Is there a certain favor that you like to use?  

How to make a welder’s job so easy

Growing up with a handy Dad makes life easier not in terms of money but with the knowledge I learned from my Dad. How I wish that I pay closer attention to my Dad while he is working. My Dad works in the maintenance department of the college that I graduated. He has the skills that most Dads do not have. I am very lucky to have him in our life though he passed away yet his teaching to us will continue.

I swear to God that HE gives me a husband just like my Dad. Now I am married to a handy husband as well. My husband is very workaholic type of guy. He never sits still. He has to work constantly or else he gets bored. He is a lineman by profession but I simply call my husband the “Handy Daddy”.

My husband likes to do anything in our house. It could be inside or outside the house. He never runs out of projects ideas. I know that he has tools yet he still needs more. I know that he likes to do welding as well. It would be awesome if we have a spin welding. It would make his work so easily. He did many plastic welding in his home projects. I know that those tools are very important to him. This handy Daddy needs advance tools like those two welding that I mention above.

I also worked in a machine shop before.  Most of the men do welding too. They look so serious while doing their job. I do admire a man who has dirty hands but being workaholic to support their family. I am sure that their wives are so proud of them too.

What about you? Do you work as a welder? Do you need tools that will make your job easier? Please check out this Website. They have all the tools and accessories that a welder likes you need. These welding materials will make also your company profitable too. It will make your jobs easy and more customers will ask for welding job more often because of the advance tools you have for welding.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bagblaze Bag of Your Choice Giveaway

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