Monday, September 29, 2008

Buffalo Bills 4-0

I am a sports fan, and football is one of my favorite especially BUFFALO BILL is playing. We are so  

proud of our team because since 2002, this is the first time they score 4-0. I hope we will make it to 

the  play-offs. Good luck to all the players and keep it up. Even my son likes to watch football with 


Thursday, September 25, 2008

School Pictures

My son will have his school picture taken on Friday. I cannot believed he is Kindergarten already. I do not

see him for seven hours during the weekend. I know he has a great time in school learning new things and

playing with his new friends. I have some pictures of him when he was in Pre-K. It seems like he grows so

fast. The first picture was when he went to his new school for the first time, 2nd was yearbook picture, 3rd

was the first day of School in Kindergarten, he is very tanned because he always go swimming in the pool

everyday. Oh Memories.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

Summer is over and fall is here. We had a wonderful Summer here in NY despite we have a crazy 

climate. It  was our first time to use our pool since we move to our new house. The kids learned 

how to swim especially my son. We all were tan but mommy is worst. The kids had a wonderful 

time playing outside  and my mommies friends and their families came over once in a while and it 

added more fun playing with other  kids. Wish it is still summer. My son, started Kindergarten this 

year. We are excited for the  changing of leaves as it is always very pretty. Halloween, we cannot 

wait to have our pumpkins carve and  maybe we could go out trick or treat, we will see.