Monday, February 28, 2011


Winter is one of my family's favorite season. It doesn't matter if it is freezing outside since they bundled-up and they are all set. Saturday night snowed and there is a good  
snow packing to build a snowman. Daddy and his kids helped to build the snowmen while Mommy is inside the house doing her chores. This is a great family  
bonding for daddy and his kids as he works a lot. It did not took them awhile to build  
snowman. They were looking rocks as his eyes, sticks as his arms and put a hat and a  
scarf and snowman are finished. I took a picture of him while I was inside the house.  
I was planning to take a picture with snowman and the kids but they were busy skating  
after building him. I am glad I took one picture of him coz it rained last night and  
snowman melted.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What A Great Bargain

Yesterday I went to the store as I have $40 coupon good as Cash and also a %15

coupon. I love to check their clearance as always, wishing I could find clothes for my

kids for next year to wear or something I could sell on the auction website. I found a

Princess swimsuit for $2.60(the original price is $26) and I thought it is for a toddler

girl. I grab it and thinking that I could sell it on the auction website. I went home and my

little girl helped me open the bags. She saw the Princess swimsuit and I told her that it is

for a little girl but to my surprised it is a size 6. I said it is perfect because she is wearing size six

now. She tried it and was so happy that she has a new swimsuit and it is Princess too

which is one of her character. My being a clothes hunter paid off. I enclosed a

picture above.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thank You Sweetie

for being there for me when I needed you most. I am talking about my husband. How

blessed I am for him forever in my life. I know I am not vocal in terms of my feelings

and emotions showing it to him. Recently, a tragedy was in our family. I posted that in

my other link. My funds were all gone and I cannot help my family back in the Philippines.

My mom called and told her that somewhere somehow I will help her. I told my

husband about it. I knew that day he paid a lot of bills but thankfully he said he will

help my Mom and was so happy about it. I called my Mom back and by the sounds of

her voice, she was very thankful to my husband too. I am thankful to GOD that I was

not wrong for picking him in my life.  I know that our relationship is not perfect. Thank

you sweetie. I enclosed a picture when we met for the first time, this was back in Sept

of 2001.

Friday, February 25, 2011


is my newest credit card from Victoria's Secret. It is called angel. How cute is that and

of great it is pink. Who ladies here that do not like Victoria's Secret? What I love

Victoria's Secret products are....there bras, undies, tops, swimwear and their lotions. I

visit the store at the mall or buy stuff online only if I have coupons or they have a huge

sale as their products are pricey. I have a three credit cards but every time I made a

purchased, I paid the whole amount before it is due so I will not pay interest charge.

What I like this Angel credit card is? Every dollar you spend is, you get one points and

you can redeem the points when you accumulate 250 points. My credit limit is $500 for

now and I bet I could use that in a minute but I will not do that. I can use the credit limit

in no time and am not in hurry to use them all. What about you friends? How many credit

cards you have? I have a good credit score, thank you for my dearest sweetie for that.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Filipino In Him

that loves singing, though the songs do not like him.  He likes singing in karaoke. He

stills learning how to sing and read the lyrics. Just this morning, he asks me if he could

sing and use the karaoke and I said yes. I played Air Supply cd every time I drive the car

and I guess he is listening to the songs while sitting on the back. One time, I was singing

the karaoke and picked the song "All out of Love" and he said Mommy, that is the song

you played in the car. I cannot believed that he remembers the song as there are ten or

more songs in that cd. Listen to him as he is singing his own version. It is cute still, but

please cover your ears.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank You So Much Friendship

for the package, do appreciated it. My dearest friend, Leah with her daughter, just got back from there vacation in the Philippines. While she was still there, I asked her if she could buy me medicinal oil, fruit candies, and other stuff, but due to some circumstances I have not had the chance to send her funds for that. I called her few weeks when they come home and she told me that she has a surprised for me coming me in the mail, and it did came in yesterday's mail. Thank you so much friendship, that was so thoughtful of you. She also sent my kids cute handmade bracelets and necklace, that was so sweet of her. Thank you very much Aunt Leah. I also thank Ms. Claudine, Aunt Leah's younger sister for giving Kelsey really cute hair clips sets. She also gave me a sampler cd. Thank you very much friendship, do appreciated it. You are really one of a kind and I love you for that. I enclosed some pictures to show my gratitude to her and to her younger sister.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who Is Your Bet?

of the three remaining ladies of The Bachelor? Chantal, Ashley or Emily? I like Chantal but I think Brad

will pick Emily in the end. She is sweet. I like watching reality show but The Bachelor is my favorite. I call

Monday my alone night time as I spend watching the TV by myself. Glad that there are three TVs in this

house, kids can watch there own show so as their daddy, so there is no trouble. Everybody is happy. Once in

a while, my little girl is asking me what I am watching and will tell I am watching Mommy's show

and she will leave the room because she knows that she cannot watch that show. Whoever lady will pick-up

in the end, wish them luck, hope their relationship will lasts especially in the real world where there is no

camera that is following there every moves.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It Is Presidents Day

Here in America, the kids have no school actually for a week. Some people are happy that they have a three

day weekend. The government office is closed. Hubby is working and pay  time and a half as it is holiday. He

has a choice not to go to work and still get paid but he chooses to work, good for him. I do not what to do

with my kids, I might print some fun stuff for them about Presidents so they will learn more about the old and

the present Presidents. I wish it is not snowing outside so we can go to the mall and let them play and have the

fun with other kids. I am afraid to drive when the road condition is not safe as I am still a new driver. What

about you? What you will do during this holiday.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It Is Sunday

and what do you do? I am always excited for the weekend especially Sunday. It is my favorite weekend. I can

go to church as a Roman Catholic, was brought that way and will always be. My alone time to spend with GOD.

I am also excited to go home and watch football though our team, Buffalo Bills stinks. Have a wonderful


Friday, February 18, 2011

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

does time will heals the pain you endure? I hope so. My younger brother has a son who was born prematurely, they name him "EZEKIEL" am not sure if I spell it right. I have no clue that my sister-in-law is pregnant. Anyway, he is three months old now. Since he was born, the hospital is his home, he was been and out from the hospital. Having a premature infant is a risk, I knew because I had the one but luckily he did not have any complication when he was born and now he is a healthy eight years old. The nephew that I never meet is loved by his aunt already. I started to buy him newborn clothes and hoping to send it soon. The last time he was in the hospital was he cannot go released his vowels and found out that there is something wrong inside his internal organ, he had a surgery to correct it. For such a little baby, his been through a lot with his fragile body. He was released from the hospital after the surgery but few days after coming home, he has a problem breathing and from then he never come back home. I was praying for him but I know GOD has a plan for him. He did not make it. I was sobbing when I read the message in my website. We will missed you angel so bad especially your daddy, mommy and your big sister. This is the only picture I have on him, my younger brother was holding him inside the hospital.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Little Girl Skating

Every time we skate on our pond, she is getting better. She is a quick learner and skating is one of them. Honestly she skates better than Mommy. These kids have made as we have our own place to practice. Their daddy makes sure that the pond is clean and is ready for his family to have the fun. Despite there daddy's hectic schedule, he makes sure he has time to bond with his kids before going to work. I have a video I took when my little girl was skating few days ago.

9 Years Ago Today

Living the tropical country at 90 degrees for just 24 hours flight and landed at Buffalo Niagara International

Airport at 34 degrees, felt like I was inside the freezer. Those memories are still fresh. Thank you America for

welcoming me. I am so thankful with the countless blessings I received from nine years since I have been here in

NY. Thank you GOD for blessing me my own family, wonderful and true friends to enjoy my simple life. I've

been through a lot good times and bad times since living the Philippines since 2002. It took me awhile to

achieved my own independence and officially becoming a US citizen. I hope to a more fruitful

years. Thank you America.