Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wet Snow

The temperature right now is 40 degrees and yes it is cold, aside it is cold outside at the same time 

it is raining with a  wet snow. I love snow but I am not ready for the Winter yet. We already started 

using our wood burning stove  to warm the house and it is feels warm and toasty.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Videos of My Little Girl

I found two videos I took this Summer of my little girl. She is two years old. One is when she is helping

Mommy water the flowers and second when she first learned to jump in the pool. I will sure

missed Summer as it is my favorite season.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Hockey Season

Our team had there first game last Friday, the 10th and they won on the

shoot out, 2-1 against Montreal Canadians. Hockey is my favorite sport especially the 

our hockey team.My favorite player is Tim C. He is so handsome and his eyes are so tantalizing . I

hope that they will make it to the playoffs this time because I know they did not made it last year.

Good luck to our home town team.

Most Haunted Live Gettysburg

Did you watch it live last Friday, the 10th in the Travel Channel? I think that was really cool 

investigation. The  show started 7p.m.-3a.m.. I watched most of it but fall asleep in few hours and 

watched again. I also watched there live cameras in the computer. I admit I was scared and little 

spooky but I love that kind of show. I am so proud that they had their investigation here in America. 

More power to the team. By the way, they are from Europe, maybe in London.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dried Fish And Fried Egg For Breakfast

with rice  is what I ate yesterday, it was so delicious. Being a Filipino leaving in the USA is hard 

because once in a while you are craving for foods that you normally eat back in Philippines. I seldom 

fry dried fish.  1. They stink the house 2. In the Fall or Winter windows are close so the neighbors 

cannot smell it but that morning I cannot resist. I just turn on the exhaust fan, light the candle and 

fry the fish. I am thankful that my hubby dear has no complain about the odor. He said that since 

you eat and enjoy your food that is the important.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It Is Been A Year

and three days since we moved to this new house. We cannot believed that we stayed here that 

long already. Once in a while we missed our old home but we are happy of what we live now. The 

kids have enough room. Their friends to run and hang around inside the house. Also place for 

adults and kids to play and watch TV or whatever. I love the kitchen, it is spacious, hubby and I 

 will enjoy our kitchen if we are eating. The backyard is twice bigger than our old house, but 

what I love most is the pool, we all had the fun last Summer and my son learned how to swim now 

without any floats. My little girl is also learning and she likes to jump in the water. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check Up

My little girl has a check up. It is about her allergies. Mommy has an appointment also. We both have 

our appointments in the morning. My little girl's appointment took almost two hour  to finish. There 

were many patients waiting. There is only one doctor. We have no choice but to wait when she is 

done with her test. Daddy called Mommy's doctor that she  will be late. My little girl had a test on 

her back for milk, egg, dog, peanut. She has reactions to all them. The nurse measured her weight 

and height. She weighs 28 lbs and 34 1/2 inches. My girl is skinny and tall like her Mommy. As for 

Mommy, she had an acute bronchitis. It just started yet and she is glad that she went to the doctor 

before it gets worst. Mommy hate her pills but what can she do. It is best for her health. It is hard 

for Mommy to feed her little girl  because we have to change her diet, no dairy products of any kind. 

I hope, she will outgrow them.