Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy 62nd wedding anniversary to my in-laws

Today is my in-law’s 62nd wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that they have been married for 62 years. I still remember when my husband visited me in the Philippines. It was his parent’s 50th wedding that time. I wish my parent’s in-law the best of their married life. It is amazing to know that as an American couple, I cannot believe they have been married that long.

 photo weddinganniversary2.jpg

They are an inspiration to me. I have been married for 11 years.  I look up to my in-law’s marriage. They both love and always there for each other. My father-in-law is a very funny man. He is very patience too. I always like my father-in-law. My mother-in-law is very pretty even at the age of 81 years old. I wish them both the best in life.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Where to buy the famous dress of the Duchess Kate Middleton

I admire the simplicity and beauty of the Duchess Kate Middleton. She is not only gorgeous but is a fashion icon as well. I like her simplicity as well. Women around the world admires her and that includes me. I feel so happy for the Duchess Kate Middleton and her husband the Duke William for having their first son together. I am sure that the little Prince George will have a happy family and wonderful childhood as he grows up.

 photo katemiddletonstyleA.jpg
(photo not mine)

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 photo katemiddletonstyle.jpg
(photo not mine)

The most part of this website is buying the famous dresses by the Duchess Kate Middleton style. There are different colors and style to pick. These are two of my favorite styles to wear. These are beautiful dresses that have different styles. I love the cream shorts sleeve and the blue long sleeve dresses. You can wear them perfectly in different occasion. I am sure that you will look beautiful by wearing any of these dresses.  Either you are with your Prince and the love of your life wearing these dresses, I know that you will look beautiful and shine in your own.  What are you waiting for? Please check the Website before these beautiful and elegant dresses are all sold out.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My 3rd year as being naturalized American citizen

It was a week ago when I became a naturalized American citizen. This year is my 3rd year. It took me a while to decide to give up my Filipino citizenship. It was not easy but I did it. It took me eight (8) years to apply finally for an American citizenship.

 photo 3rdyearasbeinganamerican.jpg
My processing was easy. I think I waited for a month before I first received my notice that my application was accepted. The next month after I went to the US Immigration in the city to have my finger printing. They also gave me a CD and book to study about the US history. The month after I did received another noticed that I will have my interview. I did study the US history seriously and played the CD every time I am in the car or at home. It helped me a lot to learn the US history. I was very ready when I had my interview. I remember I was asked about four (4) questions. I also had my oath to tell the truth. I did a written exam and read few words. It was a very easy interview. I thank God that I passed and so as my family.

It was September 14th of 2010 when I finally received my certification of being an American citizen. There were many applicants during the oath ceremony. I am the only one who comes from the Philippines. I thought the ceremony is inside the building. Unfortunately, it was outside. It was very chilly that day. It feels like autumn. I do wear a jacket to cover my dress.

How about you? Are you an American citizen? Do you have plans of applying of becoming an American citizen? It is very easy to apply. All you do is asked for a form online. They can mail it to you. What I did was? I study the US history online to learn more about US history. It does help me a lot before my interview. You have to make sure that you learn information especially your travel outside the USA. All you do is pay attention to your passport. You can study the US history and questions are mostly personal for your interview. I am not sure how much is the fees now to apply for an American citizen. I knew we paid $675 three years ago. They accept check or money order. I wish you good luck.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A special picture of my Mom and her girls

I love this picture of me, my little sister and with our Mom. It is a rare and special picture that I will cherish forever. I seldom spend time with my younger sister. One main reason is I live thousand miles away from her. The last time I see her and her family was 2007 when my little girl was only six months old.

 photo EasyCanvasPrints.jpg
We sail to Cebu to see my younger sister and her family that time. This time she flew with my other sister and our nieces and nephew. I am glad that my big sister decided to have a birthday celebration for her grandkids back to my home town. It was a short vacation for them but still thankful.

 photo MyMomandwithhergirls.jpg
We were at the beach with the rest of my relatives. We were inside the cottage and just talking. I am glad that I ask somebody to take a picture of my Mom and with my younger sister too. I am always the photographer during our vacation. This time I am glad that I am in the picture.

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Growing up with my younger sister is a struggle. There is too much heartache. I am glad now that we have our own families and life has changed. I still contact her in Facebook. I see pictures of her family. I am thankful to easy canvas prints for this special picture. This canvas is a size 16x20 and wrapped with 7.5 inches thick from outside the frame. I really love this canvas.

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I love that they really take care of each canvas picture. The service is fast as well. I am sure that if you need a canvas, custom-t-shirts or build a sign, you can rely in this company. You can also check their updates through Facebook or follow them in Twitter.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

12 years ago today I met the love of my life

Today is our 12th years since my husband and I met for the first time back in the Philippines. We met in my home town, Cagayan de Oro City. Our initial meeting supposedly on the 10th of September of 2001. I did not know that his flight was canceled from New York and to the Philippines. New York, his state, was attacked by the terrorists. I have no clue what happen that time. I am glad that he finally made his trip to the Philippines.

 photo loveofmylife.jpg
We spent ten days of being together. It was the best ten days of my life. We explore my home town and the beautiful island of Camiguin. It was a short vacation of him. I am still thankful that he spent ten days to met and being with me. We know each other better.  I never expected that he proposed marriage to me. I said yes because I love him the day before I met him. It was not easy saying goodbye to him. I cried for the first time. There is no other man who I shed my tears except him. I know from that moment that I love him with all my heart.

It has been 12 years since the day we met. I still remember the moments of our first meeting. I can remember it like the first day we met. I love this man more than he knows. He cares for me and my family as well. I want to say happy 12 years to the love of my life. Thank you for coming into my life. I am blessed and will always love you and our kids.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh hello September

What can I expect with you September? Well, the school will begin this week. My kids are in 5th and 2nd grades. This is the first time that my kids will ride different bus. The big brother will go in different school. The little girl will go in the same school and ride the same bus. I hope that she is alright riding the bus by herself. I feel badly for her that her big brother is not around to protect and keep her safe.

September also is the start of football. My family cannot wait to watch football. I am sure that out weekend is exciting now that football will start soon. We cheer for our team, The Buffalo Bills, even they stink but we still love to cheer them.

September also is the month where I passed my road test. A week after it is my citizenship anniversary. This month is my 3rd year anniversary as a driver and as a naturalized American. It is also our anniversary when my boyfriend (now my husband) visited me in the Philippines.

September also is the fall. The surroundings will turn very pretty with leaves changing its colors. It is also the beginning of chilly weather. I do not like the cold but have to deal it as I live in America.

How about you? What are you excited bout September?