Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Ebay Model

I received the swimsuit that I won on EBay recently and I tried it right away on my little girl  It fits on her

perfectly. The swimsuit has a removable float too. I cannot wait to teach her how to swim.

Ladies Night Out

We had our bible study. It is also my friend's birthday lasts Mar 14 in her house. Around nine pm, my friends

had a night out. We went to Marriott Hotel for a disco but we found out that the disco was stop two years

ago so we just had the dinner and went to Blue Martini Bar and dance a little bit and went home around 11:00

pm. The rest of my friends danced a couple of hours and they had a blast.

Student Of The Month

We are so proud of my son. He was picked as a student of the month. There are two kids of his class. Keep

up the good work son, we are so proud of you.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Surprised Letter

Recently we received a letter from my son's school. He is in Kindergarten. I thought it was about

a meeting about his therapy so I let my hubby opened the mail but I was wrong. My son goes to

regular Kindergarten class at the same time has a speech therapy. The letter surprised me when I read

it. It says we are invited to attend "The Student Of The Month Assembly" on next Friday. My son was chosen

by his teachers to be the student of the month for February. He will join all the students that has the same

achievement as his. He will receive a Certificate, a Character Education folder, coupons from local businesses

and will have a group picture with all the students. We are so proud of our son, keep it up.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love Is Sweeter The Second Time Around

Last night was the finale of THE BACHELOR, Jason picked Melissa and left Molly heart broken. I was sad that

she let her go. I think they are more compatible, there last night date was awesome. While

watching the AFTER THE FINAL ROSE I have thoughts that Jason and Melissa's relationship did not last and I

was right. Jason broke up with her and tell Molly that she is the one she loved. I was so happy for them and I

know true love never fails. Wishing their relationship will lead to marriage someday.