Friday, February 28, 2014

Toshiba my new laptop

I am very thankful to my husband for buying me a new laptop. He always saw me lying on the floor using my laptop and all a sudden my face is sad. He asks me why the sad face,What's wrong? I told him that my old laptop suddenly turn off without warning. Even though he does not like me in my computer, he has no choice because I am a blogger. I know that he does not like me sit my ass and face the computer all day. He admits that the money I earned help me to send my Mom money, buy my stuff and sometimes treat the kids for dinner.

 photo mynewlaptop.jpg
He then told me that when he sold his furs, he will buy me a new laptop. I thought that he was kidding. I told him that is ok, I can save money and by myself a new laptop. He said do not worry about it. My gift for you for coping up with me when I am trapping. He said that it is his way of telling me not to interfere with his trapping. I admit I do not like it. My husband is happy about his trapping. I cannot do nothing about it.

I ask my Facebook friends to help me suggest look for the best laptop.Most of them suggested that I will get a Toshiba. My husband and I went to Best Buy and bought this Toshiba laptop. It comes in a bundle too. He used some of his money to buy me this laptop. It is awesome not to think of the bill because he paid it cash. This laptop cost $399 but with tax, it sums up to $444.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I am not sexy and I know it

If you are my friends in my Facebook, probably you see the title of my post in my wall. I ask my little K to take a picture of me. I admit I do not like to take a solo picture of me. I do not like the selfie picture as well. I think it is crazy.

 photo recentpictureofme-1.jpg
The little K is my mentor, my best friend and my little enemy. She is my greatest fans as well. She keeps on telling me that “Mama, you are getting fat” ouch! It hurts big time. I admit those words cut me through my bones. She is only seven years old and so vocal. I do not blame her though.

At 40 years old, I think I am not bad myself, right? I know I need to lost some fats especially on the stomach. I cannot go on diet. It is a big no for me. I have tried eating less but it does not work for me. My body will not tolerate that crap. I still have curves for sure but I cannot show you that. There is no way unless I am swimming in our pool and that kind of picture is proper.

I thank all my friends that liked my post and commented on my Facebook. Those comments are very much appreciated by me. I cannot be somebody. This is who I am and proud of myself. One day I hope I can go back to my work out and be determined to focus and maybe lost some weight. I am 5’4 and weight 128 pounds.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice skating by our pond

I felt badly that my son gets bored easily. He has no one to play ice skating last weekend. He loves to play hockey. He wants somebody to challenge him with the sticks. He pretends he is a goal tender like his favorite Buffalo Sabres goal tender Jonas Enroth. He is ready and wears his hockey outfit. He has everything that a hockey goalies needs.

 photo iceskatingbyourpond.jpg
He asks me if I want to play ice skating with him. I do not know how to ice skates. All I know is I can stand and go around the pond. I am not a fast ice skater like my husband and my kids. I still do it for my son. I put my knee pads to protect my knees if I fall. I am an old woman you know.

We had fun playing hockey. My son was very happy. I try to shoot the pack and he blocks them. My son is a very good hockey player. I hope someday we can put him to a hockey group so he can develop his skills.  This is me standing but not falling. My son took this picture.

He wants me to ice skates with him again. I have no choice but to get ready and play with my son. Please wish me luck that I will not fall and have bruises.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Does this guy look Filipino?

All I know is that he looks hot.  The kind-hearted Miss R is asking me if I want to review her new book. It is not release yet. I worked with her before. I know that her books are really good. I said yes of course, why I would pass this wonderful opportunity.  As a token of my review, she will send me a paperback copy of her new book called Taming Romeo.

 photo doeshelookFilipino.png
I did not read the book yet. I plan to read it tonight when the house is quite. I love to read by myself so I can concentrate. I tried to download the file that she sent me. Oh my goodness, this picture is the cover of her new book. It is very cold today but all a sudden I feel warm.

She asks me if the photo cover looks Filipino. I thought the guy looks mixed. What do you think ladies? Please let me know by leaving your comments below. I will appreciate them so much.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to keep in touch with long-lost friend

It was December of 2013 when I am about to send my holiday cards to my family and friends. I always think of my friend of mine. I wonder how she and her family is doing. I wonder where she lives after the Hurricane Katrina. The last time I saw her and her family was 2005. We visited her in Louisiana, New Orleans. We flew with my son who was two years old that time. We spent a week in their house. Unfortunately, we had misunderstanding. It might be my problem or her. I never stop thinking about her and her family. We used to be friend back in my home town in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

 photo acardfromalonglostfriend.jpg
I search the YELLOW PAGE and type her name. There are many names and addresses. I found one name that has the same name of her husband. I wrote that address. I mailed her a holiday card. I also ask forgiveness about what happened last time. I am skeptical while writing the card. I pray to God that I hope that my card will not get back to me.

 photo acardfromalonglostfriendA.jpg
The holiday card did not return to me after Christmas which gives me a positive feeling. One day I got a card from her. I was very happy. You have no idea. She also includes her phone number in the card. I really like the card. It is beautiful and her daughter M decorated with stickers who was a baby the last time I saw her and now she is ten years old.

 photo acardfromalonglostfriendB.jpg
I called her and am so happy. I found out that she has a four-month old baby girl. She now has three kids. We talked for a while. I am glad that we forgive and move on with our friendship. I am so happy. I hope to see pictures of her family in Facebook.

 photo acardfromalonglostfriendC.jpg
How about you? Do you have a long-lost friend that you think? Do you wonder if you want to continue your friendship?