Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Super Bowl Party Is At My House This Year

The Super Bowl Party Is At My House This Year

I appreciate the guest post, Vito Rivers
I'm having my family over to my home for the Super Bowl this year. I've handed out all of the food assignments and we are going to be eating good that day. It'll get pretty heated between family members during the game this year, because we have both Packer and Stealer fans. I'm hoping that none of my possession will get broken.
I love having everyone over and I'm really in my element by playing the host. I intend to serve everyone pizza and of course chicken wings. I have a few people bringing dip and goodies for later. My uncle will be bringing the soda and other drinks. Last year we purchased a new 60” HDTV, and we will be watching on our Satalite tv packages. That way if we need to rewind a great moment we'll be able to do so. We'll be watching for those great commercials too.
Most of my family will help clean up afterward and I won't be left with a huge mess later. I really appreciate that. I had to get a new Packer's football jersey to wear, because my old one had a hole in it I want to be able to cheer on my team the right way. Im going to try and be civil to the Stealer fans that will be arriving, but it may be difficult.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kids Placemat

My kids need new placemat as their old placemats are ripped. I went to Walmart to look for fun and educational placemats. They did not sell placemats that I like. Instead I bought Nickelodeon characters Dora and also SpongeBob. How I wish they have the two SpongeBob as those are my kids favorite kids character. They can learn after eating. I wonder where I can buy educational placemats. What about you what kind of placemats do you use? Do you know a good website to buy placemats. Please let me know.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How do you get rid of heartburn?

We were invited by one of my sister-in-law's for Easter dinner at their house. We got there half hour early before the dinner started. Their house is very clean and spotless. They have a pretty house too. We were watching hockey while dinner is not yet ready. Everybody came and dinner was served in no time. Foods are very delicious. I had ham and potatoes. I had the cherry pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was a great dinner. I am not sure what gives me heartburn. It is not a good feeling. It hurts so bad. I took Tums already but the pain is still here. This will be a long night for me. How do you get rid of the heartburn. Any ideas are very much welcome.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How do you keep your stove top clean?

My husband and I always have arguments with everything. This includes how to clean the stove top.

Honestly I am sick and tired of the arguments. Sometimes I forgot to clean the stove after

cooking. I have a two hungry mouths to feed that I do not clean the stove right away. Do you clean

your stove top after cooking? What do you used to keep it clean usually? If I have a choice I will

not use the stove top to keep it clean that way forever. How I wish we have a separate kitchen.

Where I can use firewood like in the Philippines.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Broadway Market

Yesterday the family went to the Broadway Market in the city. It is a 35 minutes from where we live. They have a Easter show. I never see a market so lively as the Broadway market. I feel like I am back in the Philippines.

It has a two floors but we never get a chance to check the 2nd floor. The market is fill up with so many people. My son was complaining of the crowd. There were many items that are up for sale. We bought sausage, eggs that were hand painted, cherry coated and chocolate coated apples, flavored popcorns. Most of their foods in the market is home made. This market plays music too. Most of the vendors sell traditional items that are from generations. What I love about the market is their prices. It is very affordable. How I wish it is closer to where I live. The kids also get the chance to see Easter bunny. My husband asked the sausage vendor if how is business. He said his sale is twice as last year. Good for him. The sausage we bought also was very delicious.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wood Pellets

We have a two fireplace in our home. One in the family room and one in the living room. We do not turn on our furnace. We use our fireplace. Our electric bill is less when we use the fireplace. The warmth of the fireplace in the house is so different. It feels toasty and cozy. We have burning stove and wood pellets. I know it is Spring. Some states are really warm now. Here in Western NY, it seems like Winter is forever. In fact, I am sitting close to the fireplace right now. I am tired of this cold season.

We are using wood pellets in the living room. We turn it on when the kids are watching TV or playing. They need the warmth of the fireplace because it is very cold in that room. We use one bag and it is 40 pounds per bag. It will last a whole day if you use it non-stop. We only have the two bags left of wood pellets. My husband buys a ton of wood pellets. It is the best way to buy it and save some money. There are 50 bags in a ton. Oh Spring how I wish your true colors will show soon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is Easter the best time to renew the friendship?

Absolutely not! I do not want to be hypocrite. You do not need any special holiday to do that. Religion is not the best way to do it. You can renew your friendship, anytime you want to. A phone is a best way to do it at first. Being sincere and honest can mends a broken friendship. I did my part. A chance was blown away.

I know I am easy to please. I treat my friends like my real sisters. I will fight for them. Do not get me wrong. I could be the sweetest friend you could ever have. Do not abuse me. I will be there for a friend. A friend that I can rely on not only in good times but bad times especially. I am not a bitter person. The problem is? A true friend never hurt you behind your back. Never compare you to other friend. You are only her friend because you can use her. Please answer me if I want to renew our friendship. Let's just bygones be bygones. God knows if our path cross. A simple Hi and Hello is ok with me. Just a honest thought.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When I first came here in America, I was 28 years old. At 5'4" tall, I weigh only 88 pounds. I am so skinny. I am not anorexic. I did not know that sometimes being skinny is unhealthy. How I wish I maintain my body.

I weigh 120 pounds now. I have a two kids age eight and four years old. I think I am still skinny but I have a gut now. Sometimes I work out but I am not consistent with work out.
Is it true also that if you drink pop with much ice, will make your gut big? I cannot have a drink without ice but not with the milk. I bought DVD work outs but stop working out after few months. I know I should continue my work out. Some of my friends join a dance program.

Summer is almost here. Do you friends work out? What do you to stay fit? Please share any tips. I will really appreciated it so much.

Monday, April 18, 2011


My son is in 2nd grade. He goes to a public school. It is a ten minutes drive from where we live. Our school tax payment is really high in our county. He rides the bus to school. He is lucky that he rides bus. I know he wants me to drive to school. I never ride a bus when I went to school. I usually walk 30 minutes to go to school.

In school, he has the problem focusing on the task that he is doing. There is two aide teachers aside from the main teacher. He has the speech therapy and occupational therapy. In his last meeting, I do not the he needs occupational therapy next year which is good. He started speech therapy at two years old. He is a shy boy but never stop trying. When you look at him, you would not think he has the speech problem.

Recently he was diagnosed with certain conditions. The pediatrician gives us parents an option about giving him medicine. I hate taking medicine. I can tolerate the pain. We end giving him medicine. Whatever is best for my son we will give it to him. The first dose has no reactions on him. He is taking another dose. We will see if it helps him focus in school this time. My son never has the problem taking the medicine. What about you parent? Do you allow your child to take medicine to help him in school? I need some inputs on this. Please I need your advises. I do appreciated it a lot.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tax Refund Deadline

Did you all file your tax refund before the deadline? I hope so. I hope also that you all get a refund back from the IRS. I heard that some people owe money to IRS. How that happened? By the way, how did you filed your tax? We went to our tax lady every year. About us, we had our refund a month ago. We filed back on February. Received the refund two weeks after. What did you do with the refund you got? We use ours for our drive way. It needs to fix badly. We ordered our kids a custom book shelves. We also ordered a custom bus stop. I am so thankful that my husband use the refund wisely. He always make sure that he spends the money wisely. He also helps me for my mom's eye surgery. I am so thankful to him for being helpful to my family. What about you friends? How did you spend your tax refund? A Vacation? A Spa? Whatever it is, have the fun and spend your money wisely. You all deserve it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stanley Cups Game One

Buffalo won the first series of seven against Philadelphia. It was a shoot out scored 1-0. A very nerve racking game to watch. We have the three TVS in the house for the hockey night. My husband took a day off from work so he can enjoy the first game with his family. We are a hockey family.

We had a simple dinner lasts night. I cooked ribs, mashed potatoes, vegetable and salad. We ate after the break of the first 20 minutes of the game. My little girl helped make the salad. She is a big help. My husband helped me set the table. He was complaining but he has no choice. I am cooking and why will I set the table. We had a late dinner as usual.

The second game is on Saturday in Philadelphia. I know my husband is off that weekend. He might work overtime. You can never turn down an overtime. It is extra money and it will helps.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flag Poles

My husband is building another dock on the other end of the pond. He is so workaholic. He is almost done. He just need to nail the boards and it is finish. It looks pretty good to me.

He asks me to look for flag poles online. How I wish I could fine one that he wants. I know flag pole will look great on the pond. Do you know a place to buy flag poles?

He is also looking for bench. When the kids go fishing, we have something to sit on. How I wish it is warmer sooner so we can see our big fish. We have koi and bass fish. I see fish jump two feet from the water. I know only bass do that.

I am excited to jump in the pond. But I am afraid if there is snapping turtle that lives their. It is a very clean pond. The water is so clear. The water is green. My husband put a dye on it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Post Card From The Dentist

My son received a post card from his dentist today. A reminder that he has an appointment in the coming weeks. I am so thankful that we have a dental insurance. Our insurance is from Delta Dental. I know how expensive it is just to have your teeth clean without insurance.

The kids are lucky that their daddy has a dental insurance. Growing up I never went to see the dentist. I never have my teeth clean. I have missing teeth. When I had my first dentist appointment here. The dentist asks me why I have missing teeth at a young age.

My little girl never have her teeth clean. She will before going to school. It is a requirement in every Kindergarten. The thought of it makes me sad. I know she does not like to see the dentist. She loves the chair, where she can go up and down. While my son is a lot better now going to the dentist. He looks so cute because he is wearing funky glasses. The light bothers him.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teen Mom

I am watching unseen moments of the Teen Mom show right now. I love the show. The hardships and trials of being a Teen Mom is not easy. They are very young and cannot even take care of themselves. Now they have to take care there own baby. They give up everything for unprotected sex. There studies, their friends and sometimes their own families abandon them.

I am not a Teen Mom. I surely can relate to their stories. I have sisters than Teen Mom themselves. I took care and watch their kids. I became a Aunt when I was on the 4th grade. My niece is a mom now like me. She was also a Teen Mom herself.

Teen pregnancy can be prevented. You just have to be careful and protect your self. Growing up with conservative parents are a good thing. You just have to respect your parents rule. My parents were so strict. Luckily, I am not a rebel child. I learned from my sisters experienced. There is a time in my life that I became a man hater. I am so afraid of getting close to them. Sex is not in my mind. I do not blame myself for being so careful. At a young age, my mind matured easily. It gives me a tough lesson. It brings me of what I am now. I have a daughter. The thought of her growing scared me. I hope she will grow up to be so close to me. I will teach her about how to get protected.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Victoria's Secret Free Undies

I receive coupon every month from Victoria's Secret. How sweet is that. You do not need to purchase anything to avail the coupon. I remembered my husband told me that there is no free in America. I guess he was wrong. The coupon I redeemed was a free underwear. I thought that it is only for pink color. My little girl is with me. She likes to shop too. She helped pick an underwear. She handed me the thong. Sorry that type of underwear is so uncomfortable for me to wear. Do not get me wrong, other ladies like that style but not me. I picked the bikini style. It adds to my collection. I picked a combination of white and black color. I was in line before the receptionist takes care of me. One costumer is ahead of me, her boyfriend is with her. He was so rude. He asked the cashier, why are there clothing style only for thin ladies. He has a heavy girlfriend. The cashier is answering his question as calm as she is. I appreciated her patience. I think Victoria's secret is for  different type of bodies. I know their models are sexy. You just have to find your own style.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Pond

It was a chilly day at first. Then the sun comes out in the afternoon. My family spent most of our time by the pond today. We bring the outdoor furniture outside. We assembled the bench and the picnic table. We also assembled the umbrella on the picnic table. It is beautiful back by the pond now. We also took water wheeler boat out. It was too windy to use it. It was a great exercise for the feet. The kids loved to use the boat. We bought it for them to enjoy. My son wants to jump in the water. It was too cold. I try to bring my computer by the pond. I was happy that there was a signal. I took pictures this afternoon. It is difficult to take the whole pond.

Friday, April 8, 2011


One of our local super market is having a monopoly game for their costumers. It is a board game. Collect and win game over $9,000,000 in prizes and money savings offers. They feature some products that are eligible for the game. Every products you purchase, the cashier gives you a ticket. The more you buy the more ticket you will get. You can stick the tickets to the board. You have to find the exact numbers that match and stick in the certain prizes. This is like a thank you for their costumers. You buy their products at the same you have a chance to win a prizes. The prizes are Cash valued at 250,000 for one winner. Mortgage pay off valued at 200,000 for one winner. Vehicle of your choice valued at 30,000 for two winners. Room make over valued at $15,000 for six winners. Dream vacation valued at $7,500 for eight winners. Free groceries for a year valued at $5,200 for ten winners. Carnival cruise valued at 4,000 six winners. Fashion wardrobe make- over valued at $2,500 for 12 winners. Big screen TV valued at $1,500 for 15 winners. Home Computer system valued at $1,000 20 winners. Gas grill valued at $500 for 50 winners. Gift card of your choice valued at $250 for 100 winners. Garmin or E-Reader valued at $150 for 150 winners. Nikon camera valued at $100 for 175 winners. Store gift card valued at $50 for 200 winners. Family Night free diner valued at $20 for 500 winners. Monopoly board game valued at $15 for 1,500 winners. Cash game value at $10 for 1,500 winners. Cash game valued at $5 for 10,000 winners. I have few games that only needs one ticket so I can claim the prizes. How I wish I could win the mortgage, vehicle, free groceries for a year, computer, cruise, TV and camera.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Consignment Sale

My daughter and I went to a Consignment Sale yesterday. It is a ten minutes drive from where we

live. At a young age, she knows if I tell her we are going to check a sale. I told her we are

going to Consignment Sale. She told me to buy her toys. She has tons of toys but still wants to

have more. She knows that she cannot have toys if it is expensive. She can only have toys that

she did not own. I was checking the clothes and she looks for toys. I like going to sale because

it is cheap. Most of the stuff I buy, I sell it on EBay to earn some money. I paid $17 dollars

for a whole bag. I bought roller blades for my son. Rain coat and jacket for my little girl. I

also bought a dog back pack for her. My little girl bought stuff toys, two dogs. I bought a

sandal for myself. Over all, I was happy with my purchased.