Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Plan to buy a new mail box

I used to receive mails from the mail carrier before I came here in America. I know I am getting excited when I see the mail carrier going down from the stair. I cannot wait when he calls my name that I have a letter. I like receiving mails from my boyfriend now my husband always gives me the best feeling ever. I received all my letters safely because I trust the mail carrier. There are times that I wish we have a mailbox. My Aunt has one on their front gate. I want to receive surprise mail once in a while. Now that I live in America, I finally have a mailbox across the road. We did not buy the mailbox. The mailbox is here from the previous owner. Our mailbox is big. I still want to have our own mailbox. Someday we will get a new mailbox. The mayne mailbox is one of my choices. They have the mailbox posts of any color. I want to buy a different kind of post next time that matches our house. I will pick a gray next time which I can find like the signature mailboxes here. Photobucket This company sells durable mailbox or any outdoor products. They also offer free shipping. They will accept 30 days for returns. I am sure that you will like their products once you buy from them. This is the mail box that I want to buy from this Website. I can also plant flowers behind the post. I think it looks beauty to my mail box for sure.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

How beautiful this car is

I saw this yesterday while at the park with my kids. Photobucket I think it is a beautiful car. I love the design of this car. It is so patriotic. What do you think? Do you like it? I am not sure what kind of car this is. Do you know what kind it is? I wonder if this driver likes to collect classic cars because this car looks classic to me. I might be wrong. This is a perfect car for the upcoming Fourth of July. I hope it is in the parade too. My kids will surely like to watch the parade and especially looking at this car.

Monday, June 18, 2012

VISIT FLORIDA your best summer destination

This post brought to you by VISIT FLORIDA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Have your family or relatives been to Florida? What do you love about Florida? Do you plan to VISIT FLORIDA again this summer? Some families never been to Florida including my family. It is our dream destination and hope someday it will come true. My family would love to explore the tropical beach, golf course, Kennedy space center and Disneyworld. 
What about you? Do you want to VISIT FLORIDA for free? All you do is join the       
Florida’s Three for Free Giveaway is giving away 12 including one (1) grand prize to choose three (3) favorite destination in Florida. The nine (9) winners will win one (1) vacation package each. The contest starts from May 25th to June 30th. The winners can choose any from these prizes to enjoy with their family. 1.) Swim with the Manatees 2.) Tennis Lovers Gourmet Holiday 3.) Natural Florida 4.) Family Adventure 5.) Space cowboy 6.) Trainer for a day 7.) The breakers luxury dream 8.) Ultimate spa-cation 9.) Tee time for two 10.) Classic Family beach week 11.) Step into the past 12. ) Florida Keys fishing. What are those vacation packages sound to you, inviting, right?   
I want to join the giveaway too. I hope that we can both win from this giveaway. I want to take my family from these packages 1.) Tee time for two because my Father and son loves to play golf. This is sponsored by the World Golf Hall of Flame. You can visit their website at www.worldgolfoffame.org for more information.2.) Family Adventure for four people for two days at LEGOLANDand LEGOLAND Water Park and BOk Tower Gardens, a national historic landmark. The family can stay at Holiday Inn Winter Haven for four days. This is sponsored by the Visit Central Florida. You can visit their website at www.visitcentralflorida.org for more information. 3.) Space cowboy to visit the Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach surfing Company. This is a fun day to go horse riding and have lunch at the Kennedy Space Center. The kids will learn more about the space and the astronauts. This is sponsored by the Space Coast Office of Tourism. You can visit their website at www.visitspacecoast.com for more information.  
Do you want to win these giveaways too? I am inviting my readers to join and win these fabulous and inviting prizes. You never know you could win the grand prize. You can visit their Facebook page at VISIT FLORIDA on Facebook for more information. You can join daily for a better chances of winning.

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Western Union gift card is the perfect gif card for any occasions

This post brought to you by Western Union. All opinions are 100% mine.

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Do you have a gift for your Dad? Are you still planning of giving him a gift? Why not give your Dad a Western Union gift card. It is very easy to use.  All you need is the internet and WUgift.com to make your order. You can pick any occasions like Father’s Day. They have many available for you to choose from. You can write a personal message to the card. You can load from $5-$100. Please enter the code WUGIFTPROMO8 to receive 25% off from the $5 fee which is valid until 09/01/2012. You can use the card from any where to shop in the store that accepts Debit Master Card.  You can also ship the card first class for free. You can call 1-866- 953-6490 and record a free personal voice message which your recipient can hear when they activate the card.  
This gift card will make your Dad very happy. I am sure he can buy anything he wanted. Dad probably can buy the materials to finish his project. This card is easy to activate by calling 1-866-953-6489. There are two ways to check your balance too by calling the numbers over the phone or online at www.WUGift.com.  The gift card is free friendly too. You only get the $2.50 if inactivity for 12 months. I am sure by then you already enjoy used this card.  
This journal receives payment from Western Union. The gift card is only available to 48 States excluding Arizona, PO Boxes, military address and correctional facilities.  Receive 25% off the $5 gift card fee when purchasing a gift card at wugift.com. Limit one (1) coupon per transaction. No cash redemption value. You cannot use the coupon with any other offer. Void where prohibited. Offer expires 9/1/2012. 
The Western Union® gift card is issued by MetaBank™ pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. MetaBank; Member FDIC. A $2.50 per month servicing fee applies after 12 consecutive months of non-use. 

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shopping for myself

This post brought to you by ShopYourWay Program. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love shopping.  I know I seldom shop items for myself. It is always for my kids or my husband. I guess all Moms can relate to me, right? As a Mom, we seldom shop for our self. The kids or the husband always comes first. Sometimes we forget that we need outfits for our self too. 
I really need summer outfits for myself. My daughter and I are going for a vacation. I need mostly summer outfits. I also need some sandals that go with my summer dress. I also need beauty products. I need shorts that fit on me. The shorts I have are mostly tight on me. I think I am gaining weight.  I also need tops that are light and bright in colors like white. It is perfect for the hot summer days.  
Do you like to shop online? I love to shop online. These are my reasons why I love to shop online. First, it saves time and hassle bringing the kids with to shop. Kids do not like to shop most of them. Secondly, it saves me mileage in my gas. Thirdly, I do not need to get out shopping but just using my computer at home.    
Do you know that when you shop online helps you earn points? All you need to do is   
Request an Invite to ShopYourWay. Please check the confirmation email. You can sign-up and start shopping online. ShopYourWay will help us earn points by helping one another to shop. I am sure that you have same age of kids with mine. This is very easy to help one another pick outfits that have different colors. It is very easy to shop. All you do is search and save your items. You can shop stores from Kmart, Lands-End and Sears. The prices are very affordable.    
You can invite your friends and relatives to sign-up under your name too. I am also inviting all my readers to please sign-up and let us help one another earning points by ShopYourWay program. This is a wonderful way to shop for gifts to any member of your family. There are many sales and am sure you can save a lot of money too. What are you waiting at?  

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where to order wines for any occasion

I got an email from my sister-in-law asking me if we want to have the Father’s Day in our house. She wants to have it in her house if we cannot make it in our house. Unfortunately, my husband is working 12 hours shift those two weekends. Definitely, I cannot have the Father’s Day in our house. I will spend our Father’s Day in her house instead. I just have to drive to enjoy the special occasion.

Photobucket Where are you going to celebrate Father’s Day? Do you celebrate in your house or somebody’s house? Do you have any gifts yet? Are you thinking of buying wines for that special occasion? Why not order it from this Website? The wine gifts delivered it for your convenience. They have many different kind of wines available for you. I seldom drink wine only if I have get-together with my girl friends. 

Do you love to drink wine? Do you want to learn how wine is making? You can find anything that you want to learn from the history of wine here. How I wish I could visit a wine factory one day and see how the wine makes. 

I hope that you have a special Father’s Day celebration. Please enjoy your wines from this Website. Remember to drink safely. Do not drive when you are under the influenced of alcohol. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Red sweet watermelon

I bought this watermelon for our Memorial Day Weekend party at the produce. Photobucket I paid $6.99 for watermelon. I slice it that night and put in the refrigerator. I was very surprised that the watermelon is very sweet. It is also seedless. My friends enjoyed eating the watermelon. It was very warm that day that munching the watermelon is so refreshing. I think I will buy another watermelon in that produce. My kids love to eat it and it is healthy for them. Do you like eating watermelon too? What is your favorite fruit to eat? I am linking this entry to Ruby Tuesday 2.

Ruby Tuesday 2

Why our eyes turn red

Every part of our body is very important for us especially the eyes. I do not know how I feel if loosing my eye sight. Luckily, I do not need to wear eye glasses yet. Actually, it gives me headache if I wear sun glasses to protect my eyes from the sun light while driving. 

My Mom and my sister both wear eye glasses. My Mom has a new eye glasses last month. I hope it helps her see well. I just do not like the idea that her eyes bother her. I do freak out if she tells me about her eyes. I write journals and use my eyes more looking in the computer. There are times that my eyes hurt and it is itchy. I think I spend more time in the computer. I have to take a break for few minutes just to relax my eyes. 

Photobucket My husband wears eyeglasses only for reading. He uses the visine all the time. He has the red eyes usually. I wonder why. Do you know the Causes of Eye Redness? You can find it here. These will help us protect our eyes. It is very informative that is why you need to check the Website.   

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beautiful yellow rose from my in-law’s garden

My Mom and Dad have a garden beside their garage. They planted beautiful flowers. Yellow rose is one flower that grows on their garden. Photobucket I took this yellow rose while visiting them last weekend. Is it beautiful? My Dad does not need to buy rose for Mom. He just picks it up from his garden and put in a flower vase. My Mom love flowers just like a typical woman. How I wish we have a rose that grows in our garden too. Growing up rose is my favorite color. What about you? What is your favorite flower? I am linking this entry to Mellow Yellow Monday. MellowYellowBadge

How to win the Clorox® sweepstakes

This post brought to you by The Clorox Company. All opinions are 100% mine.


Clorox® is the best products for household. You can use it with the laundry, floors and disinfecting. I have used the Clorox® Liquid-Bleach when I learned how to wash my own clothes. Growing up, we do not have a washing machine. We wash our clothes by hand. My Mom now has a washing machine. She still uses the Clorox ®Liquid-Bleach when she does laundry. It is wonderful with the white clothes. 
I also love to use the Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes when I am cleaning. This makes cleaning the bathroom sinks and the toilet bowl easier. I use it too with my phones. I use it with my refrigerator handles. You can use the Pine-Sol® Multi- Surface cleansers in your floors. These are some tips that I can share to you.
Do you like to join a sweepstakes? Do you know that there is a sweepstake called It Pays to Vacation at Home? It is easy to join the sweepstakes. All you do is check out the dollargeneral.com from May 20-June 24, 2012. The available prizes are the following: TWENTY (20) Grand Prizes of $500 “paycheck” to vacation at home. There are 100 FIRST prizes for $25 dollar general gift card. When you registered, you can play “Wipe to Open” and will get a chance to win $10 Dollar General Gift card. 
What about you? Do you like to win some prizes? Please join the sweepstakes and you can win the instant prize at the dollar general.com. You can use the gift card to buy the Clorox® products or any from the store. I am sure that you will enjoy shopping more at the Dollar General store.  

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