Monday, October 28, 2013

My interim license (temporary driving license)

I renew my driving license last Thursday. It did not take me long to renew it. I had my eye test and passed with flying colors. She also took a picture of me. The woman in the register gave me a number. I waited at four (4) people before my number was called. I also register to vote. I applied through the machine in the register. I also bring my US naturalization certificate just if they need proof. Luckily, I did not encounter any problem. I also paid $64.50 for my driving license renewal fee. The woman in the register asked me to sign.
 photo interimlicense.jpg
She then gave me this interim license or temporary license.  This interim license will expire on January 2014. I am sure before that I will receive my new driving license in the mail. My new driving license will expire in 2021.  It will expire on eight (8) years. I hope that I will not receive any traffic violation ticket. I was a law-abiding citizen for three (3) years. I cannot wait to receive my new driving license in the mail very soon. It takes at least two weeks.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where to order canvas in New Zealand

Are you like me that love to take photographs of your kids? I also like to take photographs anything that attracts my eyes.  There are special pictures that I want to blow up like in a canvas. I have many canvases in our house but I want more. Canvas is so cool especially that picture that you like the most to blow up and hang it in the special room in your house.

Do you happen to live in New Zealand by chance? I have not been to New Zealand and hope somebody I can fill the place in my bucket list. You can order your canvas here 
From that website. It is easy to upload and order your canvas. They have different sizes that you would like to check. Rates are affordable too.

Do you like to send your family surprise packages? Christmas is not far. You can save money here using  
shipping container cost. I know that some friends are doing this. All their stuff arrived in time and everything are intact. I might try this when we finally move in the Philippines. I am sure that my husband wants to ship stuff that meant to him to the Philippines and use them when we live back in my home town for good.

Do you have projects that you want to finish? Are you looking for materials that will help your projects finish in time? You can find it here in this Website Any materials you need especially involve in metals you can buy it here. They have durable materials that you can buy and use to finish your projects or for your company.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It is time to renew my driving license

My driving license will expire exactly on my birthday.  I need to renew my driving license pretty soon. I am very blessed to drive for three (3) years now. I still consider myself a new driver. I am learning every time when I drive by myself or with my kids with me. I thank God for protecting me and my kids while I am driving.

 photo drivinglicenserenewal.jpg
I received a letter from DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) yesterday. The letter also includes a vision test, form and instructions on how to renew my driving license. There is also a question if you want to be an organ donor. I am really thinking about donating my organ. Will you donate your organ too?  There is also a question if you want to vote or not. I did not register definitely I will not vote. I should register so I can use my right as an American citizen.

There are two ways to renew my driving license. I can renew it online. I can renew it by my mail. I will renew it by mail. The renewal fee for my driving license is $64.50. My husband will go with me to the DMV sometime this week. I can go there by myself. He just wants to make sure that I am doing fine. He is very supportive

How about you? Have you renew your driving license before?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A tweet from one of my favorite author

This was almost two (2) months ago when I bought three (3) new books from one of my favorite author Sylvia Day. I am very excited when I arrived home from the bookstore. I know I want to read the books right away. I do not know which books to read first.

 photo atweetfrommyfavoriteauthor.jpg
I am one of her 84 thousand Twitter followers of Ms. Sylvia Day. The best way to know which the book to read is ask the author, right? I felt blessed that Ms. Sylvia Day sent me a tweet. I did follow her suggestions. I just finished reading the last book which is a passion for him. It is a beautiful story to read. It is historical book.  I want to say thank you to Ms. Sylvia Day for a tweet. It made my day.

 photo atweetfrommyfavoriteauthorA.jpg
I am waiting for her new book. She has one book coming next month to publish. It is a part two of book called After Shock which will publish on November 12th. It is a contemporary romance which I love to read.

How about you? Have you read any books of Ms. Sylvia Day? You should check them out. She is also one of New York’s best seller authors.