Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shop at Nomorerack for crazy deals

It feels great when we shop for deals, right? Saving a dollar or more is just wonderful. I always shop for bargains or clearance when I am at the store. I have the two kids that grow like a weed. Buying for two different outfit is not an easy task as a Mommy. You have to look around at the store to find the cheapest price. It is time-consuming, at the same time your time is not enough.

I am very thankful that my friend told me about Nomorerack. I cannot believe my eyes of the crazy deals the have. I have read the nomorerack reviews and how happy shoppers are. What I love about Nomorerack is? The prices are very affordable and many great items to shop for from clothing to accessories.

Nomorerack have many crazy deals. You ended buying much stuff you need for yourself and your family. They have the everything for special occasion too. I wonder if nomorerack scam but I doubt it because many of online friends share their happy experienced with their purchased. I am now a fan of Nomorerack and the deals are just getting crazy every single day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Needy Father

Content by Sol Rosales

My dad and I have a somewhat strained relationship. He wasn’t around that much when I was a kid, and now he seems to think my sister and I have to help him through his old age. I love him, and I know he loves me, but he is probably the most selfish man I have ever met in my life. My sister and I try to do everything we can to help him, but he still acts like we’re a couple of ingrates. He didn’t have enough money to do it on his own, so my sister went to DirectStarTV.com to get him a satellite dish and service. According to him, the package she got for him wasn’t good enough and she is a bad daughter. I did groceries for him the other day, and because I bought store brand instead of name brand products, he was angry. Sometimes I think he is just trying to manipulate us into thinking we are bad daughters s he can bleed us dry. I am on the verge of telling him that I am just not going to help him at all anymore. I know he needs the help, but if he

Monday, January 23, 2012

Are you ready for the Super bowl?

Last weeks play-offs were full of twist and turn. What do you think? The best teams lose that you were expecting to win. The Saints and the Packers were losing. I thought that one of this team will play in the super bowl because of their record during the regular season.

I am so excited that the Patriots and the Giants are playing in the Super Bowl championships. I both like the New England and New York. These are great teams. I cannot wait for the Super bowl. I am one of the football million fans. Do you like to watch football? Who is your favorite team? I love our own team the, Buffalo Bills, even if they are not doing well.

Plan to buy a house

Some people do not have a house. They rent in an apartment or condominium. Are you tired of paying your rent? Do you have a plan to buy a house? I am sure that if you have questions about on how to apply for a mortgage for your house.

Is this your first house or moving to a different house? This Website will help you learn on what to do in buying your first house. I am sure that you want to apply for loans to get the house of your dreams. You can find your answers on this Website about loans and other important matters. Do you want to know your credit score? Are you wondering if your credit score will grant you to approve for a loan. I know how important for a lender to have an excellent credit score. I hope you do have an excellent credit score.

I hope that with all the Website helps, you can have the house of your dream in no time. I wish you in your moving and enjoy your new home.

Affordable medical plan for the family

My husband and I are planning to petition my Mom. I think it cost less that way than I go to visit her. I think that plan works both of us. It saves us money in the long run too. It saves me time too plus the hassle of traveling with kids.

My only problem is my Mom arrives her is her health insurance. My kids and I are all covered with my husband’s insurance from work. What about my Mom? What happen when she gets sick? I am sure that it will take her body to adjust to the temperature we have here in NY than in the Philippines.

We are looking for affordable medical plan for her. Thank you to this Website now my concern has answers. The rates are affordable and the benefits are wonderful. Are you looking for alternatives to expensive insurance? This is the best health plan for you and your family.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Buffalo Sabres won

I am glad that our hockey team won lasts night game. They played with Toronto’s Maple Leaf. The score was three to two. We did not watch on TV. The cable provider has some issues that need to resolve. I listened in the Web live. I am glad that they won. They needed that win. They will go on a seven days road trip. It is not great playing while you are away. I hope that they will win again. I hope that they will make it to the play-offs just like last year. Are you a sports fan? Which sports do you like? I am a hockey fan aside from the football.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Walgreens and Express Scripts Part Ways

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Here is one disappointing piece of news: Express Scripts will no longer allow their customers to use Walgreens in filling and refilling their prescriptions. This is very saddening, to think that people under the Express Scripts drug coverage have already built good personal relationships with Walgreens pharmacists. Besides, you can certainly trust Walgreens to look after your family’s health as far as prescription drugs is concerned. 

Walgreens and Express Scripts tried to negotiate, but in the end, all talks proved to be futile. Express Scripts opted not to renew their contract with Walgreens, which expired last December 31, 2011. Now, many Express Scripts customers would have to look for new pharmacies just to fill their prescriptions, and some might even have to travel far just to get their medications.

Even men and women in the military who are under TriCare might be affected, although Walgreens is trying to work out something for them. Walgreens doesn’t want the service to military troops to be disrupted, because they have always been after the welfare of our country’s troops. Hence, they are stepping up to help others, including Express Scripts customers, who want to keep on filling their prescriptions at Walgreens pharmacies. They are pushing for Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens and even have a month-long promo where membership rates are reduced. This program offers excellent savings on over 8.000 prescription drugs.

If you feel as strongly about this issue as I do, I am asking you to show your support for Walgreens. You can do this by liking Walgreens on Facebook or following the updates at Walgreens on Twitter. It is high time that the voice of consumers be heard.


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The hunters in my life

This was in our old house. I missed that first house we lived for five years. There are many wonderful memories that were left. One thing I like that old house is the environment. My husband can hunt in the woods just like our house now. This was a picture of him with my father-in-law and my husband of 2004. These are the hunters in my life. What is neat about the picture is? My husband hunts the buck with bow in arrow. It is always inspiring when you got one. I am linking this entry to Me & My Passion. This is my #13th blog photo challenge.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, Better Health with Café Well’s Race to the Moon

This post brought to you by Cafe Well. All opinions are 100% mine.


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Whenever we welcome a New Year, we make resolutions, and if there are three things that would never be missing from most people’s list of resolutions, it would have to be these three: getting in better shape, living a healthier life, and losing weight. Sadly, though, only few of those who resolve to do these are able to live up to their promises and the rest actually have no idea how they can even begin. Some corporations and organizations launch company-wide well programs to get everyone started with their weight loss goals, but not all of these take off the ground successfully.

Thank God, there’s Cafe Well, a social network offering corporate wellness programs that really work. Visit their website and you’ll see a wealth of information about chronic health conditions, weight loss, how to attain a healthier lifestyle, and so much more. Café Well launched a corporate wellness program entitled Race to the Moon that encourages employees to try to get into the healthy habit of walking and running.

To be eligible for this program, you need to be a member of HealthAmerica and Café Well. Just a note to my readers that not all 51 states have the Health America to join the race to the moon but everybody is welcome to join the Café Well.

Hence, if you aren’t yet, go ahead and register at these two sites now. Once signed up, you’d get your free pedometer, and you can start tracking your steps. By tracking your progress and hitting personal milestones, you could win prizes for yourself. It’s not a shot at the moon, because ever since the program’s launch a few months ago, it has tracked over 50 million steps, or roughly 2.5 million steps a day.

I love to live healthy, as I am a wife and mother of two. It’s my job to stay healthy. Therefore, if I were to create my own challenge, I’d probably start a workout challenge with my friends. The one with the least progress at the end of the month gets to pay for spa treatments! Now, that’s an idea!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

What teams will play in the Super Bowl

Is your teams hope still alive in the play-offs? Good for you because our own team did not make it. They were good in the first five games of the show but lose after. It is sad but as one of the million football fans, what can you do? You just have to admit reality that our team stinks.

I always am looking forward for the super bowl every year. Why? It is because that week my son is celebrating his birthday too. We will have party for him. The fathers will play the super bowl bets. The mothers are always chit-chat. The kids can watch or play games in the living room. Good thing we have a big house for everybody to have the fun they want.

Do you know what is a super bowl bets? It is an organization that is very helpful. They focus more about super bowl programs. They help you on what to do to have the fun you want while watching the super bowl show on TV. You should join too. It is very easy. You can check out their Website. There are many people join and what are you waiting for. Please join now. Good luck.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

1/366 Photo Challenge Happy New Year

This is the New Year’s count down in New York City that I took on the night. I am very happy and excited to start the 2012. My husband is home that day. Usually he goes to work because it is holiday and he gets paid more. I am glad that he just stays at home. The kids were sleeping so as my husband before the ball drop. I was very surprised that my husband got up right on time before the ball drop. I am happy to say that I got a kiss J that very first 2012. I hope this year is a great year for our relationship and for the family. I wish everybody the best year for 2012.