Sunday, June 22, 2014

First night of summer 2014

I took these pictures last night when my family is having dinner. It nine passed nine at night. The night is still light. Yesterday was the first day of summer. It is also the longest day of summer. Day by day, it gets one minute darker as what my husband says. We will see if he is right by that theory.
 photo firstnightofsummer_zps52c9ac8f.jpg
It's nine passed nine yet still light outide
 photo firstnightofsummerA_zpsfe325179.jpg
It's nine passed nine yet still light outside

The first picture is by the pond. The second picture obviously is by the pool. Today is the second day of summer. I plan to go to church by myself if my kids will not go with me. Probably do grocery shopping afterwards. We will spend the day outside and enjoy this glorious days of summer before old man winter comes.

Monday, June 9, 2014

I attended a baby shower

J is an old friend of mine whom I met when I first arrive here in New York. She lives in the same island in the Philippines. Though she lives one hour way from my city. We become friends since our babies our little. We also speak the same dialect.

 photo JadebbyshowerD_zps950f0292.jpg
Attended a friend's baby shower
She invited me to attend her baby shower. She is having a baby girl this time. She already have the two boys. This Princess will complete her family. She lives 35 minutes from where I live.

 photo jadebabyshowerE_zps67536103.jpg
Attended a friend's baby shower
My little K went with me that Saturday. We wear dress. It is very warm that day as well. At first the little K is bored because there was no kids around. J has a son and plays Mine Craft as well. She has a somebody to play the game now.
 photo JadeBabyshowerF_zps963fa0a1.jpg
Attended a friend's baby shower

We had a wonderful time at the baby shower. Most of her guests are Filipino like me. We play games like scramble words, guessing game and a thread to measure how big is her tummy is. The food was all delicious. I had a full tummy when we left. There is also a karaoke. I sing with some of the girls. It was awesome to spend time with adults. I cannot remember when was the last time I attended a baby shower.
 photo JadebabyshowerA_zps1b7f10ee.jpg
The pretty Mommy to a Princess
 photo Jadebabyshower_zps0a8f7ae6.jpg
The proud parents to a Princess
 photo JadebabyshowerC_zps91fd7f9f.jpg
My Little K attended the baby shower too 

I want to say thank you to j and her family for having us over. We had a wonderful time. I wish her good luck and hope she will have an easy delivery. I wish her too an early recovery. I cannot wait to see her Princess. She will give birth next month.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank you Ms. Rachelle Ayala for the signed copy of Whole Latte Love paperback

I received this signed copy of the new book of one of my favorite author Miss Rachelle Ayala. She has a new romance book released last April. It is entitled Whole Latte Love. It is a story of Dylan works in a cafe and Carina who is a bank investment intern. They met right at the cafe when Carina's friend work with the same cafe where Dylan is. Carina is looking for a room to rent. Dylan happened to look for a new room-mate. It is really a wonderful story. It makes you giggle all the time. Please check out Whole Latte Love in Amazon. It only cost $2.99.

 photo wholelattelove_zps76aaffd0.jpg
Thank you Miss Rachelle Ayala for the paperback copy of Whole Latte Love
I am very thankful that Miss Rachelle Ayala signed it. It makes me cherish the book the most. This is my second signed book from Miss Rachelle Ayala. I am also privilege that my name is mention in her book.

 photo WholelatteloveA_zps08857963.jpg
Thank you for signing the book Miss Rachelle Ayala
Miss Rachelle Ayala is the kindest author I have ever known. I will do anything for this author. I will help her promote her books because I love her writings. I hope I can meet her someday. I am always grateful for her generosity. I am a fan as always.

 photo wholelatteloveC_zps57d4b06e.jpg
I am very privileged that my name is included in this book. I am always honored. 
I also have e-books of her other books on my Nook. You should check them out too. I want to  have a paperback copies of them.  

 photo wholelatteloveB_zpsd74290f0.jpg
I am always a fan
How about you? Do you like to read books too? What kind of stories are your favorite to read? Who is your favorite author too?