Thursday, February 19, 2009

It Is Been A Week

CONTINENTAL FLIGHT 3407 crash in Clarence, NY a 15-20 minutes drive from where we live.

The horrifying accident killed 50 lives. I pray for their souls and their families. Tonight at 10:20, Clarence

Center will ring their church bill for 50 times to remind of the people lost. It is so unreal that horrifying plane

crash happened in our city. I was watching the news that night on Channel 4, reporting that there is a plane

crash in Clarence. I thought that it was a small private airplane but I was shocked when I opened my yahoo the

following day. May all their souls rest in peace and pray for the families too to be strong and keep up the faith.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor

I was sad that Jillian was sent home on last night's The Bachelor. I always like her for Jason. I

think she is pretty. There last date in the tub was hot. They are both passionate. Wish I am that

passionate. Too bad, she is out but my bet now is Molly. I hope Jason will picked her. I always watch this

show but it is too bad that relationship does not last forever. Only Trisha  and Ryan got married and now they

are expecting there 2nd child. I wish that those lovers like Shane and Matt will back into each other's arm

because they are my favorite too.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 Years

Tomorrow, the 16th is my 7th year since I arrived here in America. How that happened? It is

fresh in my memory that it was 34 degrees and it felt like I was inside the freezer when hubby

picked me up at the airport. It was cold for me that time. Life is great though different, having my own family

is the best thing ever happened to me and meeting real friends that worth keeping for. Many things happened

in the last seven years. I lost my brother- -in law and my father, but came my two kids who makes me a better

person. We moved to a bigger house. I went back to the Philippines three times and  hoping

to visit my family again. I missed my Mama most of them all. I plan to apply a citizenship this year. I hope I

can drive my own car, that would be my best accomplishment for myself.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Plane Crash In Upstate NY

I was watching this news last night on TV. What was scary is, we live few miles from the accident. My thoughts

and prayers for the families and friends that loss there love ones lives.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


As a mom of 2, I love to take pictures of my two growing kids. Anywhere I go I make sure I bring my

camera with me. Having a digital camera is so handy. Compare when I was a kid, my parents never have a

chance to capture moments I have with my siblings growing up. Technology this time is more advanced. I

searched the internet and there prints is the cheapest, for four by six print cost .06 cents. You can make a lot

from their company. I am glad I joined this company because this way, I can make prints and sent it to my

mom since they shipped worldwide. I also make photo books not for myself but for my mom too. I am glad

that she loved what I made for her. I make photo books especially vacation we had in the Philippines. I also

sent her playing cards that has pictures of us. Anyway, hope you check there address through my link and by

the way, I have a picture of my photo book I just received from them. This is my second photo book and am

there for four coming on my way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Potty Training

My little girl will be three years old this August and hoping that before her birthday she is all potty trained by

then. Pull ups is more expensive than diaper. She is smart little girl but stubborn in terms of going potty. We

bought her a new pink potty seat from Safety's First. It has the three function, one is to use the normal potty

seat, you can put the cushion on top of the regular toilet and last is you can use as step stool. My son, was

potty trained late and I heard that girl is easy to train, we will see. I post picture of her with these adventures

called potty trained.