Friday, August 30, 2013

Where to check for hearing loss in Atlanta

There are times that I feel like I hear a ring in my ear. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I am afraid that I will loss my hearing. I am almost 40 years old and I think I am too young to loss my hearing. It is very important for me to hear properly especially now that my kids are back in school.

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My husband has definitely has a hearing loss problem. I felt badly for him because he cannot hair properly. It makes me frustrated to talk to him. He replied differently or out of topic. I know he keeps on reminding me that he can hardly hear. My husband unfortunately loss his hearing while working in a construction back in the days.  I do understand his hearing loss problem. How I wish that I can do something about it.

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Does your husband has a hearing loss problem too? Do you happen to live in Atlanta? We live in New York and I wonder if Advanced Audiology has a branch here in our place. Their company offers question to test in their Website to check if you have hearing loss problem. They value their clients’ confidentiality in the highest aspect. They accept most of the insurance and even accept Medicare.  I would love my husband to check this Website too. I am happy with the happy customers of the wonderful service they treat to their clients.

I cannot wait for my husband to fix his hearing loss problem. I want him to hear the right words we speak to him. I am sure that if you have the same hearing loss problem, you feel the same feelings I felt. This company is here to help us so why not give them a call now or checks their Website.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bought new Sylvia Day books to read

I drove to Barnes & Noble bookstore last week. It is now my favorite bookstore to shop. I had to return my little K’s book and gift from Grandma and Grandpa. She wants to exchange it with a Hello Kitty item like the lunch box. I did returned and had a lunch box Hello Kitty for her. I looked for a Victoria Justice book that she like but unfortunately nothing is available in the bookstore. I look around and hope to find something for her aside from the lunch box. Unfortunately did not find anything that she might like.

 photo barnesandnoble.jpg
I went to the books and look for the romance section. I search for Sylvia Day books. I found six books but I am only interested in the three books. The other three books are small books. I bought these three books with me. It cost $15 a piece.

 photo sylviadaybooks.jpg
I like Sylvia Day books since the first Crossfire series that I read. I also read three Crossfire series books written by Sylvia Day. I am looking forward for the 4th book of Crossfire. While waiting I will read these three books from her. I have not read the books that I bought yet. I know that once I read one book that I just bought, I will not put it down until I am in the last page. These books are adult romance which is very sizzling to read.