Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My gratitude gathering for two Filipina that helped me to have this job

I cannot believe that it has been 5 weeks today since I started working. It seems like the time goes so quick so fast.

 photo my co-workers_zpsfzw0fyqo.jpg

Anyway, I am thankful to these two Filipina M & E for helping me to have this job in a health care facility. I am so beyond grateful for these two. Work is so physical and so tiring. The best part is walking. It is like you are working out while doing your job. My favorite is talking to the residents and get to know them better.

On February 28th, I invited my two Filipina friends to our house. They both were working that day. It was my day off. I made sure that our house is presentable. I told them to come over after work. I was surprised that they bring with them another co-worker of mine. I just want them to be surprised. Ms. K also is one of the women that trained me at work. I am happy that she came with them.

I bought a small cake for them which I write a Thank you M & E in the middle. I also made some Filipino food like pork adobo, pancit and chicken macaroni salad. E's family arrive few minutes. It was a small gathering but I am so happy that they both came. We had a wonderful time so as my family.   


Nova said...

I would say that the nature of your job do need more strength and skills mommy it's because you are handling those seniors that needs your help.

Elizabeth O. said...

It's so sweet of you to arrange a gathering to give thanks to these two women. I bet you had a great time. And I'm sure it was a rewarding experience.