Thursday, January 28, 2016

Applying for a job after almost 13 years since the last time I worked

I was not planning on applying for a job. My hubby wants me to work when he retires. By then, am too old to work. Anyway, I saw an old friend at the store, she said that one of her co-workers left for work. She said that she will get me an application. I said sure and thank you for that knowing that I never thought that she will really bring me an application. 
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I filled-up the application. It has been almost 13 years since the last time I worked here in America. I stopped working when my son was born. I have no clue that the woman will interviewed me right away in the moment. She wants me to work right away. They needed one female for housekeeping which is pretty similar work as my first time job here in America. The only opening is around 7:30 in the morning. I told her that I will call her back after talking to my husband. My husband said  I cannot work in that time as my daughter's bus pick-up is at 8:45. Nobody is with her when the bus will pick her up.

I called the woman back at the nursing home. I told her I cannot work that time. She said let me get back to you in few days and will ask some girls if they will switch to that schedule for me. I was surprised that she called me that my old friend adjusted her time so I can have the schedule for 9:30. How awesome she is. I am so grateful for that. The nursing home is only five minutes drive to where I live. 

Today I had my physical exam by the doctor which I passed. Tomorrow I will an hour of work skill assessment test. If I passed this assessment then I can start working. The woman already give me my work schedules. How ironic that is. I am so freaking excited. When opportunity knocks on your door, you have no choice but to grab it. I am also thankful to my old friend and especially to God. 

If I passed my assessment tomorrow, I will look for a scrub uniform. They also refund you for the uniform you buy if the total is $50. Please help me pray that I will pass the work skill assessment. What it is? You have to make sure that you can push a 50 pounds cart, also know how to use a step tool to open a blind from the residents room. This is only some test that I know. I am looking forward for it by tomorrow. The start rate is $9.18 per hour. I work 5 hours and 30 minutes. It is not a big money for others but it is a lot for me. They also give me a copy of the nursing home work policy and everything you need to know when you are working in the nursing home. Please wish me luck. 


Nova said...'s over a decade na pala mommy, good luck and hope you'll pass the assessment test, i'm sure you do.

Elizabeth O. said...

Congratulations on your new work! Are you excited? Don't forget to have fun at work too so it won't stress you out so much!

Chubskulit Rose said...

That is awesome sis, back to work ka na pala.

Deli said...

Wow! A new door has been opened for you, Mommy Jess. Praying that all will work out well :)

Tina Cors said...

Wow! Congrats Sis!

Juliana said...

This is good Sis. HE knows what we need and what's best for us. You will get this job, just believe it and have faith. Congratulations! I'm positive you will be working soon :-)

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Good luck, sis! It must be an exciting time for you to be able to work again after more than 10 years.

Marlon Stevens said...

Congratulations on stepping back into the workforce! I've personally taken a few-year break from my job and when I was looking to return, I found it incredibly nerve-racking. It sounds to me like this opportunity is a blessing. That was incredibly kind for your friend to adjust her shift so that they could bring you on board! I'm sure you'll pass the assessment with flying colors!