Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thank you so very much Author Aurora Zahni for the signed books

Author Aurora Zahni is a very funny author. He is also the sweetest author I ever known. I got all his books in my Kindle. I am not satisfied with just e-books so I ordered paperbacks. He is very sweet.
 photo aurora zahni books_zpsn8aubgis.jpg
He signed all my three books which I am very grateful and thankful. I LOVED signed books. They are the best book to read and take care of.
 photo aurora zahni books A_zpsdfx8gw9a.jpg

I read his first book ELLIE STANTON which is a great book. You can read my review here. I still need to read his second book TERMINAL ROMANTIC.
 photo aurora zahni books B_zpsydgkmb8z.jpg
He said it is his favorite.  I cannot wait to read and find out. I have not also read his third book THE ISLAND AND THE KITE. All of his books you can click them in Amazon. You can also check his Facebook and follow him in Twitter. I am already stalked him. 

 photo aurora zahni books C_zpsfuygjile.jpg

Thank you so much author Aurora Zahni for your kindness. I hope to meet you someday and thank you in person. 


Elizabeth O. said...

Signed books are way too cool. Have fun reading.

Chubskulit Rose said...

How nice. You must have tons of books now in your library sis.

Cherry said...

You must really love books that you have so many signed copies! I wish i could catch up on reading novels too.

Nova said...

wow..nice collection mommy, this would be a great way to encourage your children to read more...and nice of him to sign your purchase books...i can barely read his messages hehehehe..

Marie said...

Beautiful and interesting books, Ate. They are very special too because they are signed. You are so lucky and a very certified bookworm! :)

papaleng said...

you really love reading books. Those signed ones are gems to treasure.