Sunday, June 22, 2014

First night of summer 2014

I took these pictures last night when my family is having dinner. It nine passed nine at night. The night is still light. Yesterday was the first day of summer. It is also the longest day of summer. Day by day, it gets one minute darker as what my husband says. We will see if he is right by that theory.
 photo firstnightofsummer_zps52c9ac8f.jpg
It's nine passed nine yet still light outide
 photo firstnightofsummerA_zpsfe325179.jpg
It's nine passed nine yet still light outside

The first picture is by the pond. The second picture obviously is by the pool. Today is the second day of summer. I plan to go to church by myself if my kids will not go with me. Probably do grocery shopping afterwards. We will spend the day outside and enjoy this glorious days of summer before old man winter comes.

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