Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thank you so much Ms. Rachelle Ayala for sending me the paperback signed copy of your new book TAMING ROMEO

The moment that Ms. Rachelle Ayala told me that she sent me the paperback signed copy of TAMING ROMEO in the mail, my heart never stop from beating. I am very excited and cannot wait for the book to receive it. I waited for three days and was disappointed that the book did not arrive yet. Ms. Rachelle Ayala then told me that the book will arrive on the 25th which was yesterday. I can then relax.

 photo myname_zps65aee70a.jpg
I love how Ms. Rachelle Ayala write my last name :-) 
Yesterday, I was about to go to the grocery store but I saw the mail carrier truck just passed by our road. I check the mailbox and there it is the book did came. I was very happy and excited to open the package. I put the package on the front seat. I have to go to the store and do my grocery shopping first.

 photo TamingRomeo_zps494754f6.jpg
My very own copy of TAMING ROMEO thank you Ms. Rachelle Ayala
I pulled over to the driveway and my husband just got home from his work too. It is perfect as I need him to help me  bring the groceries inside the house. I put everything away before I open the package.

 photo TamingRomeoA_zps2a8c5c3f.jpg
Ms. Rachelle Ayala signed it too. I am one blessed and lucky reader
I am very happy that indeed the book came. I love how Ms. Rachelle Ayala write my last name. She writes a smiley face and it is too cute. The book TAMING ROMEO is wrapped with a plastic. Ms. Rachelle Ayala did a beautiful job protecting the book.

 photo TamingRomeoC_zps4999ff39.jpg
Yes! that is my name. I am very honored
I am so honored and blessed that Ms. Rachelle Ayala sent me a paperback signed copy of her new book TAMING ROMEO.  Have you read her new book TAMING ROMEO? You still can get a copy for $0.99 at Amazon. Ms. Rachelle Ayala also has her three amazing books for $0.99 for the Chance of Love series. She is one amazing author. She will blow your mind away. I read these three books as well. I hope you will get copies of yourself, for that price you have nothing to lose but will read beautiful stories about love, suspense and crime.

 photo TamingRomeoB_zps254445aa.jpg
Thank you Ms. Rachelle Ayala for including my name.
Ms. Rachelle Ayala I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for acknowledging my name in your new book TAMING ROMEO. I do not know how to thank you enough. I hope that God will continue to bless you to write beautiful stories.


Leelo said...

I have read that this book is great.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

So cool that you are mentioned in the book! And such a tasty cover :)

Nova said...

that would be awesome a great way for you to remember her as well as her book.

Teresa Martinez said...

Now I'm really interested to read this book. Having an autographed copy is very cool.

Chubskulit Rose said...

That is really nice to be able to be part of one's book sis, great job!

Dhemz said... awesome is that! I want one....:) That's pretty neat that you have your name printed on the book!

Philip T. said...

wow! It's one thing to have an autographed copy, but an actual mention? Congratulations

Unknown said...

Great looking cover. And how cool to be acknowledged in a book!

Michelle F.

Eileen said...

Oh you are so lucky! And guess what, aside from the mention of your name in Ms. Ayala's book, what you said is indeed true.

Shengkay said...

wow! such an honor to have acknowledge!
how about 3rd chance? hahha..

Marie said...

You are so lucky Ate Jess! I bet it's a good read! do you have an ebook of this Ate? :)

Jonas Labagala said...

You're name is in the book! I would be thrilled also if it happens to me! Wow!