Thursday, March 13, 2014

March blizzard in Western New York

We had a blizzard yesterday. This is the second blizzard we have here in Western New York this winter. The last twice blizzard was in 1930. Most of the school and businesses are close. There is even travel advisory for all the counties.

 photo marchblizzard_zpscd6ae75c.jpg
March blizzard in Western New York
I am glad that my husband is off from his work too. The kids have no school. We are staying inside the house for our safety. The wind is really bad. It was mix of rain, snow and wind. It was terrible yesterday.

 photo marchblizzardA_zps6a50ea66.jpg
March blizzard in Western New York
It is weird that before the blizzard, we had a warm weather. It was almost reach the 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The next day we had the blizzard. It is our weather here in Western New York. It is really weird but we get use to it now.

 photo marchblizzardB_zps6c9b368c.jpg
A day after the blizzard and school is back
 photo marchblizzardC_zps9885a324.jpg
A very cold but beautiful day after the blizzard
I took some pictures from yesterday. It is hard to see the backyard. The patio is covered with snow in no time. The next day school is back. I took this picture of my son on the driveway while the sun almost rise. We had enough amount of snow. It was very cold this morning. It was 7 degrees but feels like negative 10. Despite being cold yet it is still a beautiful day.

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