Saturday, March 8, 2014

My K singing LET IT GO from the movie Frozen

We watched the movie Frozen at the movie theater with her niece last December. It was an awesome movie for the kids especially for little girls. It was our girls lunch date. We all enjoyed the movie very much. I cannot wait to buy the DVD when it will come out sometime this month.

 photo singingLeitgo_zps7cb020c4.jpg
Anyway, my little K loves to sing. She is just like her Mommy. We both share our passion for music. My little K is very shy just like her Mommy when I was a little girl. Mommy E shared a free link to watch the movie Frozen. I was really sleepy but the little K want to watch it. I let her use my new laptop.

I woke up because she was singing the theme song of the movie. I told her to sing again and will record it. Here she is singing Let it go. I am so sorry for the messy background. I hope you like her singing.


Eats Good to Wander said...

You are blessed to have a talented daughter. Continue to support her. My future ang talent og ka gwapa!!

Mecheel Casenas said...

Thumbs Up! Gwapa and talented!!!! go! go! mommy....