Friday, February 28, 2014

Toshiba my new laptop

I am very thankful to my husband for buying me a new laptop. He always saw me lying on the floor using my laptop and all a sudden my face is sad. He asks me why the sad face,What's wrong? I told him that my old laptop suddenly turn off without warning. Even though he does not like me in my computer, he has no choice because I am a blogger. I know that he does not like me sit my ass and face the computer all day. He admits that the money I earned help me to send my Mom money, buy my stuff and sometimes treat the kids for dinner.

 photo mynewlaptop.jpg
He then told me that when he sold his furs, he will buy me a new laptop. I thought that he was kidding. I told him that is ok, I can save money and by myself a new laptop. He said do not worry about it. My gift for you for coping up with me when I am trapping. He said that it is his way of telling me not to interfere with his trapping. I admit I do not like it. My husband is happy about his trapping. I cannot do nothing about it.

I ask my Facebook friends to help me suggest look for the best laptop.Most of them suggested that I will get a Toshiba. My husband and I went to Best Buy and bought this Toshiba laptop. It comes in a bundle too. He used some of his money to buy me this laptop. It is awesome not to think of the bill because he paid it cash. This laptop cost $399 but with tax, it sums up to $444.

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