Monday, February 17, 2014

I am not sexy and I know it

If you are my friends in my Facebook, probably you see the title of my post in my wall. I ask my little K to take a picture of me. I admit I do not like to take a solo picture of me. I do not like the selfie picture as well. I think it is crazy.

 photo recentpictureofme-1.jpg
The little K is my mentor, my best friend and my little enemy. She is my greatest fans as well. She keeps on telling me that “Mama, you are getting fat” ouch! It hurts big time. I admit those words cut me through my bones. She is only seven years old and so vocal. I do not blame her though.

At 40 years old, I think I am not bad myself, right? I know I need to lost some fats especially on the stomach. I cannot go on diet. It is a big no for me. I have tried eating less but it does not work for me. My body will not tolerate that crap. I still have curves for sure but I cannot show you that. There is no way unless I am swimming in our pool and that kind of picture is proper.

I thank all my friends that liked my post and commented on my Facebook. Those comments are very much appreciated by me. I cannot be somebody. This is who I am and proud of myself. One day I hope I can go back to my work out and be determined to focus and maybe lost some weight. I am 5’4 and weight 128 pounds.


Jhady said...

You look great mommy, I am actually 139 lbs and as tall as you. I am currently not doing any work out or diet to lose weight as I am breastfeeding. At your age you are gorgeous. No kidding aside!

Vivien said...

You look great at 40 and you even look younger than your age.