Friday, November 9, 2012

Why do we need auto insurance when driving?

I do not drive when I was living in the Philippines. There are many public vehicles that I can hire when I go somewhere. America is different. Driving is very important when you live here in America. There is a bus pick up but yet it is still far from where I live. Riding a public bus is very uncomfortable especially I have the two kids with me. I am glad that finally I got my driving license two years ago.

Driving with my kids are fun at the same time scary Why is it scary? It is because you never know if you meet crazy drivers are not paying attention while driving. Some drivers are talking to their cell phone while driving. Some drivers are over speeding that driving behind him/her is scary. I am glad that I always pray for God for guidance while I am driving especially if my kids are with me. I also have the car insurance while driving for my protection. What about you? Are you still looking for affordable car insurance? Have you check it the IFA Auto Insurance? The rates are very affordable. I am sure that you can afford it too. Please check out the Website or call an agent for more information. Please be careful driving and drive with insurance with you. distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
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