Friday, November 9, 2012

This journal has increase its page rank

I want to say thank you to Mr. G for increasing the page rank of this journal. This is my very first journal when I started writing. It took me awhile to finally how to attract advertiser of this journal. I want to say thank you for the “friend” who helped me. I do appreciate it.

I have written ten more journals but this one is always be my baby. I know it is not very easy updating each journal that I write I have to make sure that I do update this and the rest of my journal. Recently, this journal is bless with an increase of page rank. I cannot believe at first. I cannot believe what I see. I am thankful to GOD for giving me wisdom on what to update with this journal. I hope that I can continue writing updates in this journal so as the rest of my journal.

I know I lose some page rank on my other journals but I did gain in this journal. I am one very happy person indeed. I know that GOD will answer your prayers. This one is an expected blessing indeed.  I want to say thank you again to Mr. G for being so merciful.

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