Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wood Pellets

We have a two fireplace in our home. One in the family room and one in the living room. We do not turn on our furnace. We use our fireplace. Our electric bill is less when we use the fireplace. The warmth of the fireplace in the house is so different. It feels toasty and cozy. We have burning stove and wood pellets. I know it is Spring. Some states are really warm now. Here in Western NY, it seems like Winter is forever. In fact, I am sitting close to the fireplace right now. I am tired of this cold season.

We are using wood pellets in the living room. We turn it on when the kids are watching TV or playing. They need the warmth of the fireplace because it is very cold in that room. We use one bag and it is 40 pounds per bag. It will last a whole day if you use it non-stop. We only have the two bags left of wood pellets. My husband buys a ton of wood pellets. It is the best way to buy it and save some money. There are 50 bags in a ton. Oh Spring how I wish your true colors will show soon.

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