Friday, April 22, 2011

Broadway Market

Yesterday the family went to the Broadway Market in the city. It is a 35 minutes from where we live. They have a Easter show. I never see a market so lively as the Broadway market. I feel like I am back in the Philippines.

It has a two floors but we never get a chance to check the 2nd floor. The market is fill up with so many people. My son was complaining of the crowd. There were many items that are up for sale. We bought sausage, eggs that were hand painted, cherry coated and chocolate coated apples, flavored popcorns. Most of their foods in the market is home made. This market plays music too. Most of the vendors sell traditional items that are from generations. What I love about the market is their prices. It is very affordable. How I wish it is closer to where I live. The kids also get the chance to see Easter bunny. My husband asked the sausage vendor if how is business. He said his sale is twice as last year. Good for him. The sausage we bought also was very delicious.

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