Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is Easter the best time to renew the friendship?

Absolutely not! I do not want to be hypocrite. You do not need any special holiday to do that. Religion is not the best way to do it. You can renew your friendship, anytime you want to. A phone is a best way to do it at first. Being sincere and honest can mends a broken friendship. I did my part. A chance was blown away.

I know I am easy to please. I treat my friends like my real sisters. I will fight for them. Do not get me wrong. I could be the sweetest friend you could ever have. Do not abuse me. I will be there for a friend. A friend that I can rely on not only in good times but bad times especially. I am not a bitter person. The problem is? A true friend never hurt you behind your back. Never compare you to other friend. You are only her friend because you can use her. Please answer me if I want to renew our friendship. Let's just bygones be bygones. God knows if our path cross. A simple Hi and Hello is ok with me. Just a honest thought.

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