Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teen Mom

I am watching unseen moments of the Teen Mom show right now. I love the show. The hardships and trials of being a Teen Mom is not easy. They are very young and cannot even take care of themselves. Now they have to take care there own baby. They give up everything for unprotected sex. There studies, their friends and sometimes their own families abandon them.

I am not a Teen Mom. I surely can relate to their stories. I have sisters than Teen Mom themselves. I took care and watch their kids. I became a Aunt when I was on the 4th grade. My niece is a mom now like me. She was also a Teen Mom herself.

Teen pregnancy can be prevented. You just have to be careful and protect your self. Growing up with conservative parents are a good thing. You just have to respect your parents rule. My parents were so strict. Luckily, I am not a rebel child. I learned from my sisters experienced. There is a time in my life that I became a man hater. I am so afraid of getting close to them. Sex is not in my mind. I do not blame myself for being so careful. At a young age, my mind matured easily. It gives me a tough lesson. It brings me of what I am now. I have a daughter. The thought of her growing scared me. I hope she will grow up to be so close to me. I will teach her about how to get protected.

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