Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Post Card From The Dentist

My son received a post card from his dentist today. A reminder that he has an appointment in the coming weeks. I am so thankful that we have a dental insurance. Our insurance is from Delta Dental. I know how expensive it is just to have your teeth clean without insurance.

The kids are lucky that their daddy has a dental insurance. Growing up I never went to see the dentist. I never have my teeth clean. I have missing teeth. When I had my first dentist appointment here. The dentist asks me why I have missing teeth at a young age.

My little girl never have her teeth clean. She will before going to school. It is a requirement in every Kindergarten. The thought of it makes me sad. I know she does not like to see the dentist. She loves the chair, where she can go up and down. While my son is a lot better now going to the dentist. He looks so cute because he is wearing funky glasses. The light bothers him.

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