Monday, April 11, 2011

Victoria's Secret Free Undies

I receive coupon every month from Victoria's Secret. How sweet is that. You do not need to purchase anything to avail the coupon. I remembered my husband told me that there is no free in America. I guess he was wrong. The coupon I redeemed was a free underwear. I thought that it is only for pink color. My little girl is with me. She likes to shop too. She helped pick an underwear. She handed me the thong. Sorry that type of underwear is so uncomfortable for me to wear. Do not get me wrong, other ladies like that style but not me. I picked the bikini style. It adds to my collection. I picked a combination of white and black color. I was in line before the receptionist takes care of me. One costumer is ahead of me, her boyfriend is with her. He was so rude. He asked the cashier, why are there clothing style only for thin ladies. He has a heavy girlfriend. The cashier is answering his question as calm as she is. I appreciated her patience. I think Victoria's secret is for  different type of bodies. I know their models are sexy. You just have to find your own style.

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