Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tax Refund Deadline

Did you all file your tax refund before the deadline? I hope so. I hope also that you all get a refund back from the IRS. I heard that some people owe money to IRS. How that happened? By the way, how did you filed your tax? We went to our tax lady every year. About us, we had our refund a month ago. We filed back on February. Received the refund two weeks after. What did you do with the refund you got? We use ours for our drive way. It needs to fix badly. We ordered our kids a custom book shelves. We also ordered a custom bus stop. I am so thankful that my husband use the refund wisely. He always make sure that he spends the money wisely. He also helps me for my mom's eye surgery. I am so thankful to him for being helpful to my family. What about you friends? How did you spend your tax refund? A Vacation? A Spa? Whatever it is, have the fun and spend your money wisely. You all deserve it.

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