Monday, April 18, 2011


My son is in 2nd grade. He goes to a public school. It is a ten minutes drive from where we live. Our school tax payment is really high in our county. He rides the bus to school. He is lucky that he rides bus. I know he wants me to drive to school. I never ride a bus when I went to school. I usually walk 30 minutes to go to school.

In school, he has the problem focusing on the task that he is doing. There is two aide teachers aside from the main teacher. He has the speech therapy and occupational therapy. In his last meeting, I do not the he needs occupational therapy next year which is good. He started speech therapy at two years old. He is a shy boy but never stop trying. When you look at him, you would not think he has the speech problem.

Recently he was diagnosed with certain conditions. The pediatrician gives us parents an option about giving him medicine. I hate taking medicine. I can tolerate the pain. We end giving him medicine. Whatever is best for my son we will give it to him. The first dose has no reactions on him. He is taking another dose. We will see if it helps him focus in school this time. My son never has the problem taking the medicine. What about you parent? Do you allow your child to take medicine to help him in school? I need some inputs on this. Please I need your advises. I do appreciated it a lot.

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