Friday, April 15, 2011

Stanley Cups Game One

Buffalo won the first series of seven against Philadelphia. It was a shoot out scored 1-0. A very nerve racking game to watch. We have the three TVS in the house for the hockey night. My husband took a day off from work so he can enjoy the first game with his family. We are a hockey family.

We had a simple dinner lasts night. I cooked ribs, mashed potatoes, vegetable and salad. We ate after the break of the first 20 minutes of the game. My little girl helped make the salad. She is a big help. My husband helped me set the table. He was complaining but he has no choice. I am cooking and why will I set the table. We had a late dinner as usual.

The second game is on Saturday in Philadelphia. I know my husband is off that weekend. He might work overtime. You can never turn down an overtime. It is extra money and it will helps.

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