Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flag Poles

My husband is building another dock on the other end of the pond. He is so workaholic. He is almost done. He just need to nail the boards and it is finish. It looks pretty good to me.

He asks me to look for flag poles online. How I wish I could fine one that he wants. I know flag pole will look great on the pond. Do you know a place to buy flag poles?

He is also looking for bench. When the kids go fishing, we have something to sit on. How I wish it is warmer sooner so we can see our big fish. We have koi and bass fish. I see fish jump two feet from the water. I know only bass do that.

I am excited to jump in the pond. But I am afraid if there is snapping turtle that lives their. It is a very clean pond. The water is so clear. The water is green. My husband put a dye on it.


Pond Leak said...

You husband doing really interesting work i am also like to work for my pond, his idea is really unique.

Pond Leak

Elle said...

In my experience the turtles tend to avoid people so unless you are jumping right on them you won't get bitten. Sounds like a really nice pond. Will be nice to sit out there when you find your bench.

I'm following you back. Sorry it took me a bit to catch up!

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