Sunday, April 3, 2011

Consignment Sale

My daughter and I went to a Consignment Sale yesterday. It is a ten minutes drive from where we

live. At a young age, she knows if I tell her we are going to check a sale. I told her we are

going to Consignment Sale. She told me to buy her toys. She has tons of toys but still wants to

have more. She knows that she cannot have toys if it is expensive. She can only have toys that

she did not own. I was checking the clothes and she looks for toys. I like going to sale because

it is cheap. Most of the stuff I buy, I sell it on EBay to earn some money. I paid $17 dollars

for a whole bag. I bought roller blades for my son. Rain coat and jacket for my little girl. I

also bought a dog back pack for her. My little girl bought stuff toys, two dogs. I bought a

sandal for myself. Over all, I was happy with my purchased.

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